Entry level in price only, this boat is loaded with features, and economical to own and operate.
Key West fishing charters are the solution if you're after the ultimate Key West fish, and want to experience an unbelievable thrill. This is the world of deep blue, where Key West fish are fighters and the adrenalin rush kicks into overdrive.
Nothing compares to the excitement you'll feel when a sailfish or marlin hits the end of your line. Your tension will mount, and when the big fish breaks the water's surface and unfurls it's sail, it'll be heart in the throat non-stop action.
The combined frenetic energy of the fish desperately jumping over and around the boat, mixed with the fisherman's deafening screams and hollers, results in an experience that's totally exhilarating. Key West Fishing Charter Boat Heading Out On A Fishing TripState Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, Dale M. The ability to adapt their fishing knowledge to their clients needs, is what makes a good Key West fishing charter captain. When inshore fishing, typically your Captain will anchor up, and put chum in the water to chum the fish to you.
No matter where or how long you go, the main objective of your Captain should be to structure the charter fishing trips so you can catch the most Key West fish, and enjoy as much action as possible. Going after marlin and sailfish is one of the most exciting offshore fishing charters Key West captains can provide. The ocean is full of sea turtles, dolphins, jelly fish, humpbacks and other whales, even an occasional 28 - 30' long whale shark.
The Captain's plan of attack is to go offshore of the outer reef where he'll look for sailfish, marlin, big dolphinfish, and wahoo.
Blue Marlin Caught On Key West Deep Sea Fishing TripState Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, Dale M. Today you're heading out 18 - 20 miles to catch marlin, or whatever offshore fish hits the bait.

When Florida marlin fishing, your Captain will troll, pulling lures, ballyhoos, and ballyhoo-lure combos. Marlin are incredibly fast, and can move from one side of the boat to the other in the blink of an eye. Marlin are also extremely aggressive, and you'll see that they frequently have their dorsal fin and tail out of the water. If you're going out charter fishing Key West is known for red hot fall, winter, and early spring action. This is also when large schools of kingfish show up and you'll be hooking 2, 3, 4 at a time. When out on Key West sport fishing charters, fishing for wahoo is something else you'll want to do. Of course one of the best parts about Key West offshore fishing is that you never know what you'll catch. On Key West fishing charters you can also sight fish or use live bait to go sailfishing inshore in about 100 - 200 feet of water. In keeping with Key West's fun and famously laid back atmosphere, party boat fishing charters are very popular.
Key West party boat fishing makes your expedition more affordable, since there are more people or 'heads' on board.
Basically it all comes down to whether you're looking for more privacy and quality one-on-one time with the fishing Captain, or whether you'd rather be on a boat with a lot of people, and save some money. Offshore Key West Fishing Charters Are A Lot of FunState Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, Dale M. However, Florida Keys sport fishing charters are still the most popular and this is where you'll find the biggest action.
The Florida Keys is known for it's red hot fishing action and fast paced fishing tournaments.
After you've spent a day or two deep sea fishing Key West for sailfish, or swordfish, you should plan on going out with any of the different Key West flats fishing guides.

You'll find that qualified Key West fishing guides will help you take your sport to a totally new level as you enjoy the Key West back country. When Key West flat fishing you stalk and sight fish, seeking out tarpon, the wary permit, and skittish bonefish.
Florida Keys Resort Choices For Islamorada & Key Largo VacationsAny Florida Keys resort in Key Largo FL or Islamorada will treat you to the ultimate all inclusive Florida Keys vacation.
Florida Keys Lodging Best Choices For Key Largo FL To IslamoradaFlorida Keys lodging in Islamorada and Key Largo FL blend comfort with sweeping water views, tropical beauty, and fun Florida Keys things to do. 2016 Schedule of Events For Key West Fantasy Fest Is Red Hot2016 Schedule of Events for Key West Fantasy Fest features erotic, adult masquerades and sexy parties spread over 10 titillating days. Go anywhere and do anything with confidence and safety with this versatile, easy towing, little boat with a big boat attitude.
With its no-wood, no-rot construction and 10-year hull warranty, the 268 CC will keep you catching fish for many years to come. The sky and the ocean's surface is dotted with a variety of birds, including terns, frigate birds, seagulls, pelicans, and cormorants. This is where the reef drops down and you can fish wrecks, debris, rubble piles, and other drop offs. Florida Sailfish are one of the most acrobatic fish, and are especially fun to catch on light tackle. Key West added a 20-gallon rear aerated live well and a 15-gallon fresh water pressurized system to this fishing boat, as well as a raw water wash down and a large macerated overboard draining forward fish box.
Other great features on the 268 CC include a premium front-entry head with porta-potty, shower and lockable rod storage, sportsman power center and digital gauges.

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