Fort Myers Beach - White sugar sand, aquamarine waters, beautiful resorts, and great shopping and dining all make for the best Florida beach vacations!
This part of the beach is usually packed, is where most of the action is, and also has the pier. To the right is more parking, shopping, dining, and various accommodations on Old San Carlos Blvd.
Drive for about a mile and just past The Pink Shell Resort, Estero Blvd deadends at Bowditch Point Beach on the northern end, where you'll find a less crowded beach.

On the bayside of Estero Blvd, vacation homes are mixed in with more shops, restaurants, and various businesses. At the southern end, you drive over a bridge to the even less crowded and non-commercial beaches of Lovers Key,  along with a boat launch. A bit further down at Salty Sam's Marina, you can take your kids for a swashbuckling ride on the Pieces of Eight Pirate Boat! The Florida Aquarium Apr 15, 16 07:31 PMThe Florida Aquarium - Explore and learn about Florida's marine life through exhibits, demonstrations, and interactive displays!

Cape Cabaret Apr 13, 16 01:10 PMCape Cabaret is Cape Coral's dinner and dance club with lots of fun entertainment 5 nights a week!

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