Lake Lanier houseboats and boats offer the ultimate ways to take in the beauty of this massive lake. In case you hadn't heard, we've had a lot of rain which has made a huge difference for the lake. Lanier Houseboats' mission is to provide you with a safe, fun, and affordable day on Lake Lanier. Whether you are exploring Lake Lanier for the first time, entertaining clients, or seeking a mini-vacation, Lanier Houseboats is a relaxing and fun way to experience Georgiaa€™s most popular lake. So plan to be different and make your next event truly memorable by renting a houseboat and entertaining up to 150 guests with class, comfort, and style - at an affordable price. For most people (including people coming from Atlanta) the drive to our location is mostly interstate travel.
Anheuser-Busch books many cruises with Lanier Houseboats throughout the year, and they know that we are the perfect way to entertain.

The Georgia drought of 2008 was a big national news topic, but didn't affect Lanier Houseboat's operations. Our marina is located on the East Side of Lake Lanier - which is Georgiaa€™s most visited lakeside resort destination!
So talk to Lanier Houseboats and find out how to turn your next event into an exciting celebration. Houses of the same size start at the same low rental rate and some include docks and community swimming pools.
If renting a boat for some daily excursions is the desire, there are several marinas that offer boat rentals. Lake Lanier rentals include cabins, houses, houseboats, and boats in each of the five counties in which the lake is located. Cabin rental rates start as low as $125 per night for a two bedroom, one bathroom dwelling with a deepwater dock.

There are also log cabins available for $1,200 per week if lakefront accommodations are needed for eight to ten people. If staying on the lake is the preference, there are houseboats that sleep six to eight people available for $850 per week. Lake Lanier rentals even include single rooms from $89 per night and custom chalets starting at $200 per night.

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