Entry instructions into the house and security code will be sent via email, US Postal, or faxed to you upon receipt of finial balance payment. Feel free to use firewood for inside fireplace or outside wood burning fire pit but always be present when burning fires. Our 58 acre resort features lakefront rental units, two restaurants, three bars, an RV park and campground, two waterslides, 38 covered boat slips, fuel dock, gift shop and a boat ramp. Our children may text rather than talk, and TVs are all in color these days…but the memory of a boat ride or the thrill of hooking the first fish of the weekend will ALWAYS trump making the high score on a video game.

For dishwasher, laundry washer and other devices requiring soap, use half the amount you are use to using, this will help with proper rinsing. Propane BBQ grill is there for your cooking pleasure, please shut off main gas and cover when finished using.
Go back to Towering Oak black top road, where you entered the Villiage of Gentle Slopes, go right on black top about 1 mile to 0 Road. Children ages 12 and under will be required to wear approved personal flotation when on the boat dock and ramp at all times.

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