Lake Powell Boat Rentals, wakeboard boats, ski boat rentals,Power Boat rentals for boating enthusiasts. We offer convient (On Site) runabout all purpose boats,crusing ski boats or specialize in (Off Site) high performance competition wake board boat rentals, ski boat rentals. TK WATERSPORTS will help you get up and catch the wave for the first time or help you get to the next level. 19' All Purpose Boat (Available at Bullfrog & Wahweap Marinas): Seats 7, 150 hp outboard, good for cruising the lake, fishing, family fun, such as tubing, and entry level skiing.
Off Site Boat Rentals - Lake PowellA delivery charge may apply for off site boats to be delivered to the marina of your choice. Your Houseboat Vacation: cruising beneath high red rock cliff walls, exploring serpentine finger canyons, fishing for bass or walleye, swimming in the warm waters, and camping along sandy shores. These boats have seating for up to seven people, a 47 gallon tank and a 150 horsepower engine with enough power for anything you want to do. We have houseboats with a range of amenities to fit your budget range and the size of your vacation party.

Rental Rates vary depending on rental period and duration - Please ask about the rates for your desired travel period, as well as special savings that might be available. The Centurion Elite V Warrior edition 330 HP engine tow boat is Invert Sports smallest wakeboard boat line for those who have smaller groups, but would like a good competition boat for a great price! The MasterCraft X-1 wakeboard and water-ski boat has a 310 hp engine, and seating capacity for 11 people. Kawasaki Smart SteeringA® (KSSA®) monitors steering input and engine speed, and when certain conditions are met, raises rpm to initiate a turn.
Click Here to send us your no-obligation request, or call our friendly service staff today: 888-454-8825 or 801-487-7206. We are committed to sharing the experience of boating with any and everyone, experienced or not. They provide more room for extra passengers and give you the freedom to tour the lake or water ski the smooth waters of Lake Powell. Now, with our new boats, your houseboating vacation will be more rewarding, more convenient and more memorable.

Plus, we make it easier for you by having all of our boats already in the water, so no launching is necessary. This boat has seating for 10 persons, and comes with enough power to pull up the biggest slalom skier with a loaded boat.
This is a compact, ultra-lightweight, 110 horsepower, four -cylinder, 1052cc, DOHC, 20 valve, liquid-cooled engine for class-leading performance. The maximum capacity for any moving houseboat on Lake Powell is twelve, so you're probably going to want this extra convenience.
Whether youa€™re an amateur seizing the moment, or a pro dropping jaws at tournaments, the X-1 delivers a rock solid performance time after time.
This boat holds 33 gallons, and is 21 feet long, with enough storage capacity to hold all your gear.

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