If you’re looking for your own boat for preparedness needs, for fishing, or pleasure trips, here is another great design from the users at Instructables. Our Survival Instructor from Winchester, Kentucky has spent a lifetime learning how to be more self-reliant. Crafted with cold-molded technology and designed with the traditional Carolina flare and sharp entry into the water, our Carolina-style custom fishing boats combine aesthetics and efficiency. Designed to handle both the choppy conditions and shallow waters of the North Carolina sounds, the Off Island Tunnel Skiff combines traditional skiff lines with modern engineering and construction. Harrison Boatworks’ Off Island 19- and 21-foot Tunnel Skiffs were designed to run in shallow water while providing the comfort of a deadrise-bottom boat.

The generous beam provides stability and gracious load-bearing qualities while helping the boat draw less water. Early stages of the tunnel were developed around the Harkers Island area for everyday commercial fishing in and around the shoals of Core Sound.
Although there are many DIY boat building how-to’s over there, this one is special because the builder based it off of Chinese style fishing boats. He founded Nature Reliance School in 2006 to pass on survival, and preparedness skills to beginners and advanced persons alike.
I am currently designing a 17-foot super lightweight, shallow-draft flats skiff, and will gladly design other styles to meet your needs.

Unlike the Harkers Island tunnel, the Off Islands skiff tunnel tapers to the aft and has a gradual transition into the vee, or deadrise, of the bottom to prevent cavitation.
The design of the boat allows it to withstand some heavier waves and splashes, and to top it off it was made on the shoe-string budget of just $150.

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