Product DescriptionThe Mogami together with three cruisers of the same type- the Mikuma, the Suzuya and the Kumano- was designed and completed in 1935 as a large-scale light cruiser of an 8500-class. Thirty years after its initial release, Tamiya presents the long awaited Mogami re-release with all new parts!
The compact bridge structure and particular shape of funnel are reproduced down to finest detail.
The layout of the rear part flight deck with rails and turntables replica is based on most recent references.
Equipment such as armament including 12.7cm gun turrets or triple tube torpedo launchers, main mast, aircraft crane and catapults are sharply reproduced. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience.If you continue without changing these settings, you consent to this - but if you want, you can turn cookies off on this website by clicking here. Corgi Classics and other Bus Models including - AEC Regent Liverpool, AEC Regent Rochdale, AEC Oxford and others similar - all Mint in Near Mint all card boxes. Sindy, Ken, Bburago and other models - dolls comprise Sindy mix 'n' match, various Ken figures, Steffi, Flavas and others. Mattel and Kenner Batman and other figures - Mattel items include Batcave, Batjet, Batgirl and LCD Video Games.
Matchbox Models of Yesteryear - to include Y12 Canadian Post Ford Van, Y5 Talbot Van, Oxo Ford Van, Liptons Tea Ford, Pepsi Cola Talbot Vans, AEC Omnibus, Ford Tanker, Cerebos Salt Van and others including a variety of Cars and Vans in various liveries, in straw and maroon boxes - Near Mint to Mint including window boxes.
Matchbox 1-75 and other repainted models - most have been nicely repainted and includes 1-75 Series Thames Trader Compressor Lorry, Double Decker Bus - Fire Engine, Models of Yesteryear Bullnose Morris and many others including Dinky Austin and Dodge Lorries, Corgi Bedford Daily Express Van and some of the more recent issues.

Matchbox and other repainted diecast models - Matchbox repaints includes Models of Yesteryear Vintage Cars, 1-75 Series Duple Coach, Vauxhall Victor, Coca Cola Truck, Concrete Mixer, Wolseley 1500, Caravan, Rolls Royce and many others including Dinky Observation Coach, Mini Minor Police Car and some more recent models, most are unboxed and have been nicely done. Bandai, Airfix and other large scale plastic models - lot comprises Bandai large scale Vintage Dennis Fire Engine, Airfix Blower Bentley, together with Fowler Showman's Engine, Steam Roller, American Truck and an internal Combustion Engine - all have been nicely put together and painted, may lack minor details. Tamiya or similar large scale D-type Jaguar - impressive model, made up from a kit is yellow, with opening bonnet to reveal engine compartment, opening doors, plated parts, suspension assembly to one front wheel requires reattachment, 55cm long.
Assorted plastic and diecast Ship Models - large scale plastic made up ship models comprise "Bluebell" Warship 86cm, 41cm Oil Tanker and 45cm Destroyer, together with an illuminated (untested) Models of Yesteryear Thomas Flyabout model in a bottle. Assorted large scale made up models - lot including Tamiya and other assorted Tanks, DUKW Amphibious vehicle, Land Rover Ambulance, Cannons, together with an unmade kit which lacks its lid. Dinky and Corgi assorted diecast - Dinky models include AEC Tanker, Chieftain Tank, Spitfire, Fire Engine with extending ladder, various American Cars including Dodge Royal and Cadillac, Field Marshall Tractor and others. OO Trains, Scalextric and other toys - OO scale Train models comprise Hornby OO Golden Fleece Loco with 2 x blood and custard Coaches, Triang Oliver Cromwell, 4-wheeled clockwork Loco (lacks one wheel), Brush type Diesel Loco body and other models including a Signal Box, Station Building, quantity of track and other accessories - Fair. Scalextric a quantity of track and Accessories, Lap Counter box, various buildings, 3 x Rally Cars, earlier Porsche Formula 1 Car. Car Racing Sets including - "Race and Chase" complete with 2 Cars, track, controllers, etc.
Airfix, Heller, Novo, Monogram and similar unmade Aircraft kits including - De Havilland Vampire, US Navy DC3, Gloster Gladiator, Fairy Delta, Avro Shackleton, Lockheed Constellation and others similar. Matchbox, Airfix, Heller, Hasegawa, Esci and others plastic Aircraft kits including - Nord Noratlas, Spitfire Mk.5B, Lancaster, Dornier D0217 and others similar.

Airfix, Frog, Merit and others similar unmade Aircraft kits a quantity in boxes and poly bags - including Sea Hawk, Hawker Demon, DH Mosquito, Meteor 3, Airspeed Oxford, Miles Master 3 and others similar. Protecting the Mogami was thickened, highly shell-proof armor effective in warding off extremely large falling-angle shells of U.S. Despite limited access to data (recovered photographs, and strategic drawings), Tamiyas designers have used recently available technology and talent to bridge the gaps and polish off the Mogami.
Outside of W-Parts (common Waterline Series parts Japanese naval accessories), all of the kits parts will feature completely newly molded pieces. But most impressive was the Mogami½s 152,000hp engine, the same employed on the battleship ½Yamato,½ the biggest battleship ever produced in the world.
With the termination of the London Naval Reduction Treaty in 1937 the Mogami had its guns upgraded from 15.5cm triple to 20cm double guns.
On March 30, 1942, the Mogami in cooperation the Mikuma and a squadron of destroyers sank the U.S.
In October of 1944, after going up in flames and being rendered useless from critical damage incurred by carrier-based planes during a battle off the Philippines, the friendly destroyer ½Akebono½ sank the Mogami with torpedoes, sending the cruiser to the depths of the Mindanao Sea.

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