We have the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world with 15 manufacturing centers in five different countries.
If you can't find the answers to your question on our FAQ page, please submit a support ticket, and our staff will respond to your question(s) right away. My name is Budi and I was born in Bali, Indonesia, I along with three other members in my teamhave been involved in making teak root furniture since we left school.
The standard delivery service will take approximately 3-5 working days for your order to arrive. Please be aware that larger items, such as furniture and masterpiece carvings, are delivered on pallets by a freight network. Siiren is proud to announce that we have worked closely with PayPal and HSBC to ensure our customers are 100% secure when shopping with us. We can accept all major credit and debit cards seamlessly online without ever leaving our site. Every credit & debit card transaction on this site is protected by state-of-the-art 128 Bit secure socket layer servers. In addition to our secure online payment system, we offer our customers the added advantage of paying for goods via the telephone through one of our call centre staff. Designed by famed naval architect Ted Geary this boat was built by the Lake Union Dry Dock and Machine Works of Seattle, WA, in 1930.
Bramber Boat Trailers Ltd - boat trailers and trolleys designed and manufactured by Bramber Trailers. The steel is brought in and cut to the correct size using AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings. Once the trailer is completely built it then goes through a very rigorous PDI (pre deliver inspection) to ensure that all our quality standards have been met. The look is so unique, rustic, and just as full of life as when it was sailing the seven seas.
We have been working for Siiren for the past five years, and has been immense pleasure so far.Our work is being recognized, and neither we nor our work is being exploited because of the Fair pay structure they have in place.

When checking out our system will inform you if your post code is liable for a courier surcharge. This has proven to give our customers the protection and confidence they should expect when using our online shop. Our dedicated sales team will be on hand to securely accept card payments instantly over the telephone using our Hsbc manual payment terminals.
After the cutting process the constituent elements go to the welding shop, where the raw steel begins to take shape. First it is dipped into a tank of acid to clean & etch the steel; this ensures that the steel is 100% clean & prepared for the galvanizing process. The job would then be entered into the build plan & scheduled for completion; which is all part of our ISO9001 quality standard. This involves filing off any edges remaining from the galvanising process, applying decals and drilling & tapping where necessary. This consists of wheel torque checks, assertion of correct tyre pressure, clearance checks and ensuring that all other parts are up to the highest standards possible. Generally when these fishing boats are damaged or have become too expensive to repair and maintain they would be scrapped for iron, the fisherman sell them to our furniture makers, often earning quite a few weeks pay.The recycled boat furniture we sell has been hand-picked by us in Indonesia. My work gives me a great deal of satisfaction, as I am aware that the furniture I create is in high demand somewhere around the world.
You must make your own arrangements to bring the item into your home as the delivery drivers are not insured to do so.
This is not a surcharge set by us, but that of our carrier.**Expedited orders must be placed before 12 noon of that day to qualify for the guaranteed 48 hour delivery. Our vessels are located in private marinas and in most cases are only accessible by our brokers. To aid adhesion to our strict design guidelines & our stringent demands for the highest quality; our welders also work from the same AutoCAD drawings, as this is the most crucial part of the process. Another element required to attain ISO9001 is the provision of a 'Job Bag' which detail our highly skilled staff what type of boat you have and the trailer you require.

At this stage, the trailer is ready for the running gear to be attached, the brakes to be in-built & the flushing system to be implemented. The Furniture is personally handmade for Siiren by a team of 3 talented furniture makers to our specified requirements and finish.
If you need to arrange delivery for a specific day, please contact our sales office and we'll be happy to help. Orders placed after this may not make the courier collection for that day and may take slightly longer to arrive. Finally, to complete the steel treatment process, the trailer metalwork goes through a steady 5 hour cooling process to ensure the best finish & highest standard of galvanizing.
I feel great pleasure by creating these artifacts for Siiren and the opportunity has truly changed my life!Our region is known for the large presence of teak trees, and a large population makes its living by crafting goods from the teak trees. She was originally built and launched at their famous yard on the shores of Seattles Lake Union.
The furniture that I make is totally handmade and is crafted without the involvement of any machinery. The Lake Unions were built by the outstanding Pacific Northwest craftsmen of the period to withstand the rigors of the northern waters and out of woods so fine that they are simply no longer available; in general, these boats tend to be more robust, and of heavier scantlings than most classics. I believe creativity is not a single step of process it is indeed an evolution.The fact that the people recognize my work and expect more from me makes me work harder and I also strive to bring out uniqueness in each and every piece that I create. I basically make furniture to earn a living, but the fact that my crafted pieces are in homes around the world is a source of overwhelming joy for me.
We consider her to be an exceptional buy in an Antique Cruiser and a highly desirable yacht, as well as being a Pacific Northwest and West Coast Treasure.

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