That’s probably why Conde Nast ranked Longboat Key # 2 in their 2010 Reader’s Choice Awards. Holmes Beach, the widest point on Anna Maria, the trolley service operates Northbound on Marina Drive and Southbound on Gulf Drive. Museum has a wonderful online shell guide that will help identify the various pieces in your collection. You may notice here and there on the beach four stakes in the sand with bright orange tape.
Nesting occurs mainly at night where the eggs are left to incubate for approximately 45 to 60 days.
Our nest numbers have dwindled over the years placing the Loggerhead on the list of threatened species. Well known for their gentle, slow-moving nature, manatees are known to venture out with their calves around Sarasota Bay, Bean Point and Bimini Bay.

With year round temperatures averaging 75 degrees, this island paradise is very conducive for just about anything.
I’ve been on a roll with marine and bird life and I’ve only scratched the surface of what awaits you! Unfortunately, these parties tend to get very vocal and have been known to offend some of our human residents. Other artists include Jasper Johns, Duncan McClellan, Allison Massari, Peter Max, Babs Reingold, Jun Kaneko and more.
Sarasota’s downtown is just minutes away offering a vast array of arts and cultural attractions. Charts are featured in most local newspapers, as the best shells are found just before low tide. While resting this happens every 20 minutes, but when actively moving… it’s more like 3 to 5 minutes.

This nationally sanctioned American Power Boat Race is the highlight of a 10 day, Fourth of July festival.
Another opportune time is after a storm – advancing cold fronts tend to push water away from the beach and tropical storms can churn up the tides bringing shells ashore like Left Handed Whelks, Augers and Coquina shells. They hold the eggs under the webs that stretch from the front toes to the hind toe and essentially stand on the eggs to warm them. This peculiar incubation method has made them vulnerable to the effects of DDT which made the eggshells thin and parents frequently cracked their own eggs.

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