My particular challenge is to replace the wiring system the former, "owner and spaghetti - pack-rat", left behind! Location: Southern England Personally, I would run the engine starter motor (assuming it has one) from a relay, rather than the panel directly, this allows you to use thinner wire to the panel and should save you both weight and money. The panel itself obviously needs to serve Nav Lights, Interior Lights, Wipers, Horns, Stereos, Pumps and anything else you want to put on the boat. All your devices will have a current requirement, and assuming (for simplicity) that they all run on 12VDC, you then need to run adequate cable (based on current, not voltage) between the panel and battery. Location: Washington Go to your local Barnes and Nobles, Borders, Hastings, or other book store, or your local library. All of these can also be purchased on line, or you might be able to find them at a used book store. Location: Corpus Christi TX Congratulations, and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

Location: Saint Joseph, Michigan, USA It is an ABYC standard that calls for DC common to be yellow.
Location: Southern England What was wrong with the old imperial system, where red, yellow and blue were mains phases, and black was neutral?
But as you said here in the USA there are a lot of older boats around that didn't follow the color codes, or followed some other color code, so you'll see darn near every color in the rainbow. So basically there was nothing wrong with the old way, it just didn't agree with what everyone else was doing.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. The maximum curent which may be drawn from the battery will be the sum of all the current requirements for all the equipment.
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She is in real fine shape for her age, and worthy of the attention to a new day on the lake. Aparantley peeps with the most common type of colour blindness have trouble distinguishing between red and green - hence the change. I am able to do this task from my auto mechanic days but this being our first boat, is all new to me and needs to be done right. It's all the same as automotive 12 volt wiring, with the exception of having to run all grounds back to the battery via the above mentioned terminal strip. Color coding only comes into play for engines and instrumentation, until you get into the newer big yachts.

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