To make the oars I simply cut both of the ends off of the jumbo stick I used for the seats and glued them to the end of two standard craft sticks. I might show you the other ones but some got damaged and a little bit broken, but I can fix that! Building these get very messy when cutting the popsicle sticks because tiny parts are lost when making them. We found that it floated pretty well, but challenge your child to figure out what would help it float even better!

This popsicle stick boat floats and is an Egyptian warship boat that people used a long time ago. Use a generous amount of glue to position the eyebrow stick in between two of the standard sticks on the bottom. I just guessed how diagonal the ends needed to be to make it easy, but I encourage you to get out a ruler and cut them exact! I hope you enjoyed reading this and looking at the image and am looking forward to future respectful comments and other posts I make!

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