With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. From trash to toy boat; a guide on how to make a working to sail boat from household recyclables. You will need 2 plastic water bottles, cardboard, chopsticks, 2 cardboard tubes(from toilet paper), tape, scissors, and a marker.
Secure the 2 side pieces and back to the corresponding sides of the base by taping it down to the top and bottom. Place the 2 front pieces together so that they meet at an angle with the taller sides in front.
Now that they are taped on the boat, tape all of the side pieces together by pressing the corners together with tape. Gently place the base of the ship onto the taped water bottles, so that the point of the bow is in between the caps. Lace a chopstick through the holes of 2 cardboard tube pieces, so that the pointed side is away from them. Secure the chopstick to the bow by placing on the center point, and taping it down along the angle of the front.
The sun is shining, the paddling pool is ready and we have a group of children, with a mix of ages, all with their own idea of how to make a toy boat.
The materials we had on offer included tinfoil pie dishes, plastic bowls, drinking straws and the contents of our making box.
The basic principle we used to make our masts was to use sticky tape to fasten a bendy drinking straw to the inside base of each vessel – then each child came up with their own design of how they wanted to make a toy boat. This was a great activity for a hot day as the building took place inside in the shade and then we went outside to go sailing once the mid-day heat had passed. It’s heart warming indeed to see a group of mixed age kids playing, learning and growing together.

How great they turned out!There were a few rainy days over here so we have manny puddles and the other day Hana and I made our boat and sail it in the back yard.So much fun on the rainy day! These boats are the coolest ideas ever my kids will enjoy making them with me and there dad so thank you for making this that way we can come together and enjoy each others company.
Kate, I made these boats with my son last weekend and he LOVED every aspect of this project – from eating a lolly before we started the project (to get the lolly stick), to looking for the twigs, tying them together, and testing whether the boats floated.
Looks like I am the most stupid person here as no-one asked about tieing the string and I’ve tried today and failed miserably.
I was just wondering, have you only used string or have you also used some glue to stick the wood pieces together?
Visit a local creek, lake, or your own bathtub or water table for some creative water play!!
If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future posts delivered to your feed reader. Here are some great kids' craft projects, and activities that are easy to make, use household materials, and are fun and colorful! Recycled Robot Kids can make this fun Robot from discarded boxes and other items found around the house. Monster Stompers using Recycled Coffee Containers Every child likes to jump, and stomp their feet. We’ve been having so much rain in Sydney lately, there is a smally torrent running down our street. I just discovered your lovely, colorful blog this evening and am having the BEST time digging through your archives and bookmarking fun projects to try with my girls!! We even did a ‘science experiment’ to see how many pebbles the boats could carry before they sank! My son is at the door, rushing me to go outside with him and hunt for sticks to make the stick boat.

Here is a really simple toy boat the kids can make themselves, then race in a local creek, lake, or even in your own bathtub! If you plan to race your toy boat in a creek or lake, attach a length of cotton string to keep your boat from floating away. Here are 10 Ways to Stay Cool with Water Play and our Water Fun for Kids Pinterest Board has plenty of other ideas to keep the kids entertained this Summer. I work at a bar and have been saving our corks so I can make a fleet as Christmas presents for my nephews.
We have just moved here after a seven year stint in Perth and it’s taking some getting used to. I’m holding out for a little sunshine at the mo…then we are gonna go sail them! I used the instructions given and found out the the sail is much shorter than the one in your picture. My kids love making their own toys, so this activity was a big hit with them, plus it uses mostly recycled materials! However, if it does happen to float off, it is made from natural materials that will break down and decompose. I also wanted to know how to make newspaper hats and that origami boat should do just the thing.
I’ll write a post on my blog as soon as is possible about it (with your pinterest link).

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