Here is the only pic that I could save, it is an Eagle Claw rig already made up with hooks. The last part of the process is to take your swivel and attach to the top of the rig.A  Again either the palomar or double loop knot works. Everything is easy when you know how, and making superb custom finished plastic jellyworms and twin-tail lures are no exceptions. As a boat angler, what do you turn your hand to when the weather stops you getting out among the fish? I got to wondering if I could make some myself which would allow me to have a regular supply and to choose my own colours. I strongly advise wearing a long-sleeved shirt together with gloves, a face mask and eye protection when heating the plastic. In this case I’ve used orange, as I find this bright colour very effective for cod and pollack in particular.
You’ll need to experiment a bit to find out the most effective setting on your hob or gas. As the plastic continues to heat it will not only change colour, but it will also alter consistency and turn into a jelly. When pouring you should be as close to the mould as possible to reduce the possibility of air bubbles being introduced. If you want a two-tone lure it will be necessary to have the two colours heating separately at the same time. Ensure that you wipe off any plastic from the lip of the pan with paper towel as this will burn when you cook your next batch. For long term storage it’s recommended that a small amount of oil be added to the poly-grip bags to prevent the lures sticking together.
The finished lures can be customised and there are several types of plastic dip coatings available from the States. Fortunately it's now possible to source the plastic materials required in the UK direct from Alan Banks at Lure Factors. Already added to cart sorry,for a reason unknown,temporarily iamtina can't take your order(s). Returns & Refund Guarantee details Buyers can receive a refund and keep the item(s) once the item(s) are not as described or possess any quality issues by negotiating directly with the seller. Note: Due to possible delay of exchange rate update, price in various currencies is for reference only. I generally use 80lb line for my rigs, however sometimes you make want to fish a little lighter and drop to perhaps 50lb..
You may want to join our Forum, there are lots of experienced anglers who will help you out!! If the snood length is shorter than the main rig body, the strain during casting will be equal on both the snood and the rig body, surely this defeats the object of having different breaking strains of line in the rig.
As basic as bottom fishing may appear, the quality of the rig you drop into the depths has everything to do with your success.
If you’re fishing in South Florida waters, a full arsenal of bottom fishing equipment is a must. When you set out to purchase rigging materials for bottom fishing – focus on securing the best quality hooks, leaders, and swivels first. The advantage here is that leader can slide as the fish takes the bait, allowing for the circle hook to set more effectively.  When you feel the strike, you have to get tight quick in order to prevent the fish from diving into structure or dragging the weight into structure.
Similar to the knocker rig – this setup keeps the weight a few feet from the hook at all times.

I’m perpetually mad at myself for not learning this lesson the first time I straightened hooks and broke swivels on big fish.
Celebrating another year in the charter business with Sailfish, Mahi, Tuna, Cobia, T-shirts, and More!
If you’re not spending time with the family or cluttering the pub, you might well use the time to make leads weights or other everyday items of fishing tackle, but have you ever considered producing your own custom-made jellyworms, twin-tails and shads? Plastic tools which can melt should not be used for fairly obvious reasons and wood should also be avoided.
In this case I have commercial twin tail mould and a plaster mould that I’ve made myself. If you’re using bulk plastic then you should thoroughly stir the plastic in its container.
In order to obtain the vibrant effect that I like 30 or more drops of the colour are added.
But finally it will reach the stage where it changes back into an easily pourable consistency.
A steady hand with a smooth pour is essential, and you should pour from the shallow part of the mould to the deeper section. The two-tone effect is produced by pouring the first colour and immediately following it by pouring the second to ensure that the two will bond together. You now need to wait a few minutes until the plastic has cooled off before removing it from the mould. Dont take out word for it, heres Alan Yates explaining how they work and the benefits it provides.
Some people like to use leads with bait clips built in, or breakaway impact leads, or even a breakaway impact shield.
Flawless knots, quality terminal tackle, and premium leader material maximize your chances of boating big bottom fish, while anything less will leave you headed home empty handed.
You need to equip yourself with enough rigging material to quickly produce up to a dozen rigs during the course of a full day offshore (sometimes more depending on the structure you’re fishing). You should keep a stock of bank sinkers in the 12, 16, 20, and 24 oz variety.  Keep one or two 32 oz bank sinkers as well with maybe one or two stick leads as a backup. While this is effective, an entire leader of flourocarbon seems to perform better during the drop. The main line attaches to one end of the barrel swivel while the leader is tied to the other. The strike is very distinct when fishing a knocker rig, because you feel the bite and the fish swimming away. The weight is added to the main line, followed by a small bead, before being tied to one end of the barrel swivel.  This allows the main line to pass through the egg sinker, so the fish can run once hooked. It takes  bit of practice, but once you get used to fishing the in-line rig – it can be devastatingly effective on snappers who are wary of short leaders.
One of the most important attributes of a successful deep drop rig is rigidity – a rig has to be sturdy enough to withstand the powerful strikes of bottom fish and then withstand the pressure of being retrieved hundreds of feet to the surface. Twin-tails are probably the easiest style of lure to start with when making your own, as they have a flat base and don’t require a two part mould. As far as materials go you need the base liquid plastic, hardener and a range of colour additives.
Fluorescent colours are generally better added when the plastic is cool but the manufacturer will supply guidance.
It needs to be hot enough to raise the temperature of the plastic to around 175 C (350 F), but you must ensure that the plastic is not scorched.

At this stage the plastic will really start to give off fumes and it is therefore very important that you keep the kitchen or workroom well ventilated. The lures can then be dropped into water for a couple of minutes to finish the cooling process. Googly eyes can also be glued on, and even the likes of a glow stick can be added if that sort of thing tickles your fancy. If you want to have a good vacation or just get yourself relaxed by go fishing, then some nice rebel fishing lures will help you a lot. The beauty of the pulley rig is it doesnt matter too much how long the snood is, so long as it is shorter than the length of the rig body. In this instance you can exchange the Gemini rig clip for a standard gemini link clip, a snap link, or maybe a split ring. The key, as with most bottom fishing, is to get tight quick and keep constant pressure on the fish once its hooked. Using glow beads or small glowsticks can also help improve the bites you get at depth – afterall, it’s dark down there! Charlie Ellis of Miami, FL has 25 years experience fishing for big game species like Bluefin Tuna, Sailfish, Swordfish, and Sharks. In writing this feature it is my intention to set out how exactly how to go about the task. As an option you can add various glitters and glow powder during the mixing and cooking process. I find that the base plastic is too soft for the rigors of sea angling and I add hardener in the mixing jug to get the desired flexibility - about a ¼ of a teaspoon of hardener to 50ml of plastic works for me. Generally glitter should be added in the mix to begin with, but by doing it this other way I achieve the finished result that I want for my type of fishing. Pouring your own lures produces no waste as the solidified plastic can be re-melted and poured again. There is no better feeling than catching a good fish on a lure you have made yourself, while the pleasure of creating them can stand as some consolation for those trips that fall victim to the weather. This is great if you want to change hooks half way through a session, the inch or two of line you lose makes no difference. On the free end of the swivel, make a double ended loop knot with the 20lb mono and tie one end off, leaving one loop of about 8″ trailing (you can use this to quickly attach or remove weights by passing the loop through the eye and going around the entire body of the weight). Alternatively, the plastic can be heated in a microwave using a Pyrex jug and this will be covered in a future tutorial together with how to make your own moulds.
Because the glitter is only on one side of the double tails, it will flash as it spins round.
As you can see, if you leave your spoon in the pan, the remaining plastic will stick to it but it is easily peeled away and added back into the pot for next time. At this time, you not only need some fancy skills, but also some nice japanese fishing lures.
However, stirring too vigorously will introduce air bubbles into the mix which will have an adverse effect on the finish of the lure, so do it gently.

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