Nettleton’s nitpick blind is built onto an 18-foot aluminum johnboat with an open hull design. The boat blind has a 27-inch high front section and a 36-inch high back section, with both sections curving into the boat gunwales contours. The boat blind is 14 feet long, stretching from the forward deck of the boat to the transom. Nettleton had tried many different materials for constructing the frame and skin of other blinds.
Nettleton found aluminum sheeting about half the thickness of his johnboat hull at a metal supply company.
Uncertain about welding the frame because he had no welding experience, Nettleton went home and checked his garage.
The U-bolts fit over handle-like conduit loops welded to the bottom of the frame and projecting to the interior of the boat.
To cover the access aisle during hunts, Nettleton cut camouflaged Cordura fabric to fit and fastened with zip ties along the high side (back) of the blind.
These dewdrop-shaped Treetents by Dutch sculptor and designer Dre Wapenaar were originally created to make life a little more comfortable for tree-sitting activists.
It’s hard to imagine sleeping in a suspended tree tent without a little unexpected motion.
While some of the other tents featured in this post are best for just a couple or maybe three small adults, the AElph Alpha is the tree suspended tent for the entire family. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. When camping, the number one mundane thing about civilization that you often miss is a simple table.
Of the ones shown here, 4 out of 6 have rigid frames and floors that makes them not so much portable tents as treehouses made of canvas. Of the other two, the stingray seems to at least acknowledge this problem with numerous pouches and built-in hammocks. Overall, I suppose I can see something like this being useful for camping in very swampy areas. After sanding and epoxy-sealing the entire interior, we measured and marked out the four seat hatches which will allow us access to the four bulkheaded compartments inside the seats. With the hatches cut, it quickly became apparent that the front lip of each hatch was too deep. To make it easier to build each hatch, we decided to glue up the frame first by coating the inside of the seat cut-outs with packing tape (to prevent epoxy adhesion) and clamping the framing wood in place. With the drainage channels structurally complete, we sanded them carefully and epoxy sealed the wood to prevent any problems with rot.
Once installed, the hatch rims not only give a nice "finished" look to the hatch openings but also add welcome stiffness to the seat tops. After making sure each frame is centered, angled bracing is added to assure the boat stays inline.
Lately, I’ve embraced a philosophy of “stepping out.” Sometimes that means harder runs, or tackling trickier expeditions like the Powell Pilgrimage. From the Mag (C&K Winter 2016): Sam Sutton blurs through the first of three cracks in the “Eyes of God” gorge of Kyrgyzstan’s Sary-Jaz River.
A half a million shares, 75,387 Facebook likes, and tens of millions of views paints the picture: the snow kayaking footage from the ‘90s shot by ski filmmaker Warren Miller is as viral as it gets. NRS's new film Juma of Itanda, from Tommy Penick presents a compelling "story of humanity, hope and the fate of a mighty river," tracking Juma Via Kalikwani's humble journey to the Victoria Nile, from safety boater to Director of Operations at Nile River Explorers, a large rafting outfitter based in Jinja, Uganda.
In my book, nothing on the planet matches self-propelled boats and water for the spectrum of gratifications; from thrills to serenity, and from awe to that delicious touch of terror.
We loaded the Camden family with a richness of features not found in most recreational kayaks on the market. Our sporty Vapor series offers a stable, comfortable ride with plenty of amenities to keep the paddler comfortable all day on the water. This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking.
By clicking Confirm bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder and have read and agree to the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab.
By clicking 1 Click Bid, you are agreeing to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. This is a private listing and your identity will not be disclosed to anyone except the seller. He has owned and built 12 boat blinds over many years of waterfowl hunting, including three commercial blinds and nine of his own design. If the blind has an open top, he has noticed that many ducks flare away as they spot the hunters attempting to hide inside. He found the materials he had used — canvas, burlap, PVC and other materials — were not durable. He also found 1-inch square tubing, but it was expensive, and he was advised to weld the frame for durability, rather than bolt it together.

Nettleton discovered that cleaning the aluminum with alcohol and using a base coat of metal primer help paint adhere. But he decided to use woven palm mats because of their greater durability and lighter weight.
Something about summer just makes us want to flee to the hills for some much needed therapy on Mother Nature's big green couch. Soon, however, Wapenaar realized that lots of people might like to experience a night of peaceful sleep in the arms of a big tree. Without the ground to provide stability, the tents often bounce, or rock from side to side. Half tree house, half human-sized birdcage, the Tree Tent hangs quietly in a tree at The Secret Campsite in Sussex, England. Or happened upon a perfect campsite only to find out that the slanted ground won’t cooperate?
Once we pondered the dimensions for awhile, we masked off each hatch perimeter with masking tape and drew the cut lines onto the tape. To start each cut, we used a tiny drill bit (the same thickness as the jigsaw blade) and the Dremel rotary tool to drill a series of five holes in a line, producing a tiny slit for the saw blade to enter. If we ran a sloped drainage channel all the way down to the bottom of the lip, it would intrude too far into the storage lockers and make it difficult to cram large gear into the seats.
Thanks to the packing tape, however, we were able to remove these frames and take them in the garage for the rest of the hatch-building process. Later, we will add an inner "lip" to complete the channel, but the floor must be glued to the frame and allowed to cure first. Epoxy gluing alone would probably be adequate, but the screws will give the whole assembly more strength in case anyone ever stands directly on top of our hatches.
This small gap will permit room for a thin gasket on the underside of the hatch cover to help seal the compartment and prevent water intrusion. To ease installation and avoid the need for clamps, we installed each hatch rim with #8 fasteners permanently embedded in the epoxy. We kept the original seat cutouts for this purpose, but added a rim around the cover that fits down into the drainage channel to discourage water from getting inside. It didn’t happen, and many a canoeist was among those who scoffed at the Mayans and their silly doomsday predictions. By narrowing the shape and slightly lowering the seats, these models paddle better than most recreational canoes on the market. From a smooth planing hull with an astounding glide to storage solutions that will impress you with their functionality. The Comfor Flex seat and molded-in cockpit tray with cup holder are just a few of the comforts making the 10’,12’,and 12s ideal for the fun-seeker. This item may be a floor model or an item that has been returned to the seller after a period of use. By clicking Confirm bid you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. It holds three hunters, and can hunt a fourth if everyone is familiar with the blind’s confines and layout. The front and back sections curve an equal distance inward from the gunwales, leaving the access aisle open in the center for great stability when hunters are walking amidships. But the bow of the boat is not covered, leaving the factory installed forward deck platform open for easy hunter access.
Then, the nuts were tightened and the tips of the U-bolts cut off and ground to remove sharp edges. He painted the blind with a finish coat of flat tan and added dark stripes.Using metal pipe straps, he fastened sections of 2-inch-by-4-inch wire fence to the outside of the boat. On a typical hunt, the two decoy bins hold 15 Canada goose, 20 super magnum mallard, 60 magnum mallard and 12 standard mallard decoys.
To explore the back country safely and comfortably, you need the right equipment - and although setting up camp usually happens on the ground, a new trend of suspended tree tents is taking camping to new heights (literally). Each Treetent measures thirteen feet tall with a 9 foot diameter and is composed of a steel frame wrapped in canvas. Built using only recycled materials, each tent sports a 3 meter diameter spherical frame of aluminum and green ash covered in a tailored cotton canvas.
For younger campers, this just adds to the excitement, especially when zipped up inside a Treepee.
Besides internal storage, boots, packs, and other gear can be lashed, high and dry and off the ground at various points around the outside perimeter of the tent.
The seats have to be large enough to accommodate bulky gear like lifejackets and boat fenders, but if the hatch covers are too deep, they won't be able to open fully without hitting the upper deck (which is annoying because it requires someone to hold the cover open while retrieving something from inside the seat). Besides providing an easy-to-see line, the masking tape helps prevent the plywood grain from tearing out along the edges as we cut it. This may not sound exciting to you, but for us, it meant that we didn't have to make a thousand trips back to the boat for measurements.

More importantly, by pre-drilling the parts, we made it easy to re-align everything again later when it came time to glue. This made the rim very rigid without needing to wait for the epoxy to cure, allowing us to handle the parts to clean up epoxy drips. The fasteners also mechanically reinforce the glue bond, so our hatches should hold firm even if someone puts their full body weight on top of the hatch cover. The rim also lends some stiffness to the hatch cover and holds it in the proper shape for a good fit and neat cosmetic appearance. The Saranac features two contoured seats plus a bench seat perfect for smaller passengers that includes a covered storage compartment. The Camden features a dashboard that’s unsurpassed for organization, a hinged Click Seal hatch and the super comfortable Active Comfort System (ACS) seat. It comes with two new ACS (Active Comfort System) seats, which were ergonomically designed to make sure it’s a full day of comfortable paddling. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
The forward deck also provides a place for a retriever to shake off water outside of the blind and allows better visibility while the boat is underway.
For additional support, conduit fasteners were also screwed to the frame and gunwales using self-tapping screws.
Each hunter rolls up the section at his shooting port and the fabric stays in place at the ports without hunters to keep out the elements and assist in hiding the blind.Each hunter station also has a grass mat that folds down to cover the aisle. If you're longing to release your inner Mowgli by sleeping amidst the treetops, the six hanging tent designs featured below are the place to start. The interior comes complete with a roomy hardwood sleeping platform and a round mattress that’s big enough for a family of four. After anchoring the frame to nearby trees, two adults can crawl inside to experience the warmth of 100% wool winter thermal liners, along with a wood stove, water storage and options for renewable electricity.
Too keep you warm, the tent features a thick layer of breathable insulating material is mixed with re-cycled clothing, that’s woven together by quilt-makers in Lancashire. In a matter of minutes, the tent’s two (yes only two!) poles are inserted into a polyester fly sheet and a set of tree straps. There’s also an optional Gear Net that can be installed under the whole footprint of the tent for even more easily accessible storage. They also have to be positioned where they won't be in the way of the thwart, and where they can be opened conveniently while manning the helm. Either way, it shouldn't make a difference to the external appearance of the hatches, but it does mean a little extra labor to make each drainage channel. Each frame provided us with a perfect outline of its corresponding hatch, so we could focus on measuring and cutting the pieces for the drainage channel right there at our table saw! This was much smarter than attempting to clamp everything in place, as the clamps would have been in the way, and our clean-up efforts undoubtedly would've knocked some of the parts out of alignment. The bow and stern seats incorporate a variety of extras including cup holders, rod holders and storage trays designed to add convenience and versatility.
Additional features include decoy storage, gun storage, stove and heater, and hunter seating. To remove the blind, take out the U-bolts and the screws holding the conduit frame to the boat. A piece of 4-inch-by-4-inch wire fencing secured with wire ties folds from the rear to cover about half the distance across the aisle.
A gun rack welded to the top of the frame secures firearms in soft cases.The blind is almost completely enclosed when set up for hunting. The tent’s special fabric provides a UV protection factor of 50+, pockets on the inside allow for storage and a bag on a pulley allows essential supplies to be hauled up into the ‘den’, and bug nets on the windows allow air to circulate without letting critters in.
The interior is accessible through a floor hatch or side door via a collapsible ladder. The Stingray features a reinforced floor and three large hammock sleeping areas. Although we knew they would came out fine if we took our time, this part of the process was still nerve-wracking because any mistakes here would create a lot of repair work.
In short, screwing the parts together turned out to be superbly convenient, and well worth the trouble of counter-sinking all those screw heads. Better yet, the permanently embedded brad nails will provide mechanical reinforcement to the joints, taking stress off the epoxy-bonded surfaces and making them less likely to pop apart later if they get bumped or banged as we load cargo into the seat lockers.
A grass mat is secured to the fencing with wire ties, leaving enough grass to hang down to provide cover for the shooting port.
The doors lay flat for easy access and also rotate into the decoy bins to create shelves for gloves, ammunition and other gear during the hunt.

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