The KARA's don't paddle like a canoe, so if you need a boat that makes sharp turns easily it may not work for you. I'm thinking of laying in some runners on it too, so it can track a bit better if I build it.. I am intending on putting on the Missouri here in MT, just at it's headwaters - nothing very crazy, certainly nothing white. I like that the kara is stealthy - and that it is stable and capable of handling a pretty good payload.
Some guys have built the CLC Mill Creek kayaks and use them to get to where they want to hunt. I'm 54 have been a hunter for 42 years and a duck hunter for 40 or so, and I'm nuts over boats and duck boats in particular.
I just got a Pintail and I love it , so if a bluebill is what you want ,then get one, the workmen ship on there boats is top notch. We are suspending production of the Marsh Rat and the Marsh Rat Magnum for the foreseeable future due to family and career commitments.
All Mallard Marine accessory products, with the exception of the lay-out boats, will continue to be made and sold.
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased I am with my marsh rats boats.
I bought my first fiberglass Marsh Rat in 2001 and added a rotomolded Marsh Rat to my arsenal last Fall. They tow beautifully, but I use mine more often in shallow swampy areas, both to transport decoys and reach tough-to-get places and for chasing down cripples.
Hunting's future requires the participation of our youth and the Marsh Rat virtually insures their success and continued interest.

Features include: a "catch ridge" along the deck, stainless steel bow eye, comfortable nylon handles, a flange edge along the sides to shed water spray and a drain plug! If you are just drifting and not needing to paddle back up stream then the KARA will be fine. You may have to repait scrapes each summer to keep the UV light from the sun from damaging the epoxy. Good load, stable for a kayak, but the kits are not cheap and they take a little pit of work to go from plans to cut out parts to the boat.
I now own a Devlin Mallard, it's 12 feet 11 inches long and 4 feet 10 inches wide and weighs about 138 lbs. Part of some additional items will be a couple of shelves to keep shells and other item handy and dry! I wanted you to see that I made a bracket for My Decoy Dancer Whipsplash pull string wing duck.
I first was interested before season started this year and believe I spoke to David from mallard Marine. She had her first retrieves (5) on a big lake and did a great job, as did my Marsh Rat (Magnum) in the 1 foot whitecaps we had that day! I have tried at least 9 different marsh boats and have found the Marsh Rat to be the most effective.
I wish I had a better shot of my son, Zach, killing his first goose and mallard using your boat. The plastic rat is superbly light to handle and can be dragged or carried over most portages. I have no qualms whatsoever about turning my grandson loose in a rat (another reason I've got two) to explore, chase wounded birds and help pack gear.

At this time I plan on using an etha foam pad in the bottom for quiet and comfort as I want to use this as a bay layout from time to time. It isn't as fast as could be do to this fact and the rocker built into the hull, but it carries the weight that a duck hunter always has to need. It has a ridgid conduit style blind bolted to it with flip up dog door and wire mesh wrapped with fake grass.
I am finally at the level of duck hunting that a year ago I could only dream about as I watched the ducks from the shore.
I really love how stable the boat is and even without much brushing up, the birds did not bust me very often.
The Marsh Rat's portability has opened up areas to me that no one in a full-sized duck boat or even a larger sized marsh boat can get to.
If you have to baddle up stream the KARA will wear you out since it has a huge wetted surface when compared to canoes, or even the Carstens Puddler.
I will mostly be using for large ponds, marshes, and skirting the edges of lakes for divers.
My favorite method is to paddle through cuts and get to tide flats that never get any hunting pressure and then use my Marsh Rat as a super low-profile laydown blind. The Marsh Rats have opened up another level of the game when it comes down to hunting waterfowl.
The Marsh Rat Magnum tracks wonderfully due to a main center keel and two smaller parallel keels at mid-ship.

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