We invite you to visit our boats, located in The Trendy Plaza Sukhumvit Soi 13, our shop is only 70 metres from the main Sukhumvit Road, close to Nana BTS station and within walking distance of Sukhumvit MRT underground. If you find a product on our site that you really want but the price is too high please free to e-mail us. We mentioned on Monday that we'd be rolling out a change to the menu to bring the Boards.ie heading under the Talk To menu. I think Depron is normally used for insulation but it is also handy for us modellers and I'm looking to get some. I case you're interested here are some photos of a boat hull I made from depron and fibreglass sandwich.

It was made as a sonar carrying RC mapping boat, with dual purpose as a prototype for an ultra lightweight fishing craft. You can use styro friendly cyanoacrylate but it's more expensive and is more suitable for repairs where time is short.
I'm looking for a map of a small, flat-bottom river boat--preferrably, two boats that are slightly different.
If you know where I can find such a plan (for a d20 based game), I appreciate it in advance.
I used to resize the B&W images, print them out, and glue stick them to foamcore board for some decent d20 ship to ship combat.

Our shop specializes in Bangkok model boat such as warship, model sailboats, ships, aircrafts, model yacht, canoes, model marina, gift, handicraft importers exporters, horn & shell crafts, Bangkok retailers, handicraft importers exporters. Since I get my depron at Green Hobby I get it there, but I assume any place that sells UHU glues would have it too. The design doesn't have any sharp angle so i think it might be ok and because of the scale angles are quite soft.

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