Additional information about this part can be found on page(s) 270 of the Quicksilver Marine catalog. While it is not a legal requirement, we strongly recommend to all our customers to establish a relationship with their local Volvo Penta dealer.
The new D4, D6, D9, and D12 series engines require that you have a local Volvo Penta dealer use a VODIA (a portable computer that dealers have and have been trained to use) to set up your engine's computer.
The environmentally hazardous emissions,mainly hydrocarbons (HAC) and carbon monoxide (CO), are radically reduced with catalytic converters.
Protected by a revolutionary titanium-ceramic coating and new sensor technology, OceanX is Volvo Penta’s answer to the corrosive effects of salt water! OceanX’s titanium-ceramic coating is applied using a state-of-the-art electro-deposition process. Volvo Penta added two electronic sensors to help protect internal components of the drive*. Big on convenience, versatility and performance, Honda portable outboard motors are easy to use and easy to transport.
The world's lightest 4-stroke outboard with world-class fuel economy, the BF2.3 is ideal for tenders, small fishing boats or as auxiliary power.
Discover why Honda outboards have a reputation for exceptional performance, quality and reliability.

If you would like more information on our respect for your privacy as our online guest, see our privacy policy.
You are invited to join our public Boat Repair Forum to seek assistance from other members. We have added a column with current models but retained many of the old model numbers for your reference. Your local dealer has the expertise and training to ensure that your engine or engine and drive package is installed correctly, the sea-trial is successful, and the engine registration is completed properly. This set up with the VODIA must be done after the engine has been installed and then the VODIA is used again during sea-trials - often the same day. All the models are available with an Aquamatic sterndrive and one of the V8s also with Volvo Penta IPS.
The engines satisfy the most comprehensive requirements, CARB 4 star Super Ultra Low Emissions. The wide rudder area gives precise handling - especially important for close quarters manoeuvrering. Built for performance and driving fun, it is the perfect companion aboard a sport boat, sport cruiser, sport fisher, bow rider etc.
UPS and Federal Express small package services have a strict maximum weight limitation of 150 lbs.

Quiet and simple to run with its automatic clutch, it also gives you incredible versatility and convenience thanks to the Shallow-Water Drive, Fold-Down Tiller Handle and Integrated Fuel Tank.. When we are the local dealer for people who have purchased engines elsewhere and then bring them to our area, we charge around $700.
When we do this set-up for people that have purchased engines elsewhere and then bring them to our area, we charge around $700.
Top speed is maximised by the hydrodynamically designed lower housing which also host technically advanced transmission features. The titanium ceramic coating is highly durable, flexible and covers the entire drive for maximum protection.
Otherwise, some additional charges may apply for bringing a truck with an equipped lift-gate to lower your new engines to the ground.

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