Description: The Steam Engine Room Simulator is designed for oil tanker of the capacity 250.000 Скачать torrent на компьютер бесплатно! Book two features eighteen steam engines and four Stirling hot air engines you cand Чтобы бесплатно скачать этот файл на максимальной скорости. Grasshopper beam engine, and check out Grasshopper beam engine on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Grasshopper beam engines are beam engines that are pivoted at one end, rather than in the centre.
Usually the connecting rod to the crankshaft is placed between the piston and the beam's pivot.[1] That is, they use a second-class lever, rather than the usual first-class lever.
The first recorded example of a grasshopper beam was William Murdoch's model steam carriage of 1784.[2] The beam offered negligible mechanical advantage and appears to have been used primarily instead of a crosshead, for what was effectively a return connecting rod engine. Almost all grasshopper engines placed the crankshaft between the piston and the beam's pivot.

One of the most important uses for the grasshopper engine was as a marine engine for paddle steamers.
Unlike the heavy masonry engine house used to support the beam and pivot of a conventional beam engine, the grasshopper beam was pivoted on a swinging link.
This allows a long stroke for the piston, with a shorter stroke for the crank, although with greater force. A few notable early steam locomotives used beam engines, all of which were of the grasshopper pattern.
The crankpin was carried directly by the beam and moved in a straight line vertically, the beam pivot moving slightly sideways on its link to allow this.[note 4] This simplified the need for a parallel motion linkage on the piston rod. In the Watt engine, the parallelt link motion allows for this, permitting the cylinder and beam pivot to remain in place. This was advantageous for early low pressure steam engines[note 2] that had limited cylinder force but could increase their power by using a longer cylinder.

This gave a low centre of gravity for stability and a high crankshaft, suitable for driving paddlewheels. Grasshopper engines were thus lighter than conventional beam engines and could be built completely in factories, rather than requiring considerable erection work to be carried out on-site. In the grasshopper, the swinging link allows the beam to move slightly about a cylinder and crankpin that remain in the same vertical plane. A few exceptions, those of the Americans Oliver Evans' boats and Phineas Davis' Grasshopper locomotives, reversed this and placed the cylinder in between the pivot and crank: a third-class lever.

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