New usssa bat stamp 2013 - composite bats, By now, most softball players know there is a new stamp required on january 1st, 2013 for usssa softball bats. 2014 easton s3 bbcor baseball bat -3oz bb14s3, 2014 easton s3 bbcor baseball bat -3oz bb14s3.
Composite bats - baseball bats, The 2014 baseball softball bat market talked years. Marucci’s patented multi material barrel technology replaces the final inches of the bat, including the endcap, with aerospace grade composite materials. Professional hitters understand the importance of using the best equipment, they know that any small advantage they can gain from their equipment puts them that much closer to success. Both bats are relatively balanced and it will come down to if you prefer a 2 piece composite feel or a one piece feel.
We procured a couple of Marucci Black BBCOR baseball bats this past week and we were finally able to get a few hundred swings on the shiny, jet black BBCOR bat. The sound of the Black is more hollow than the loud ping of the Cat 5, but it is not a funky, unnormal sound, it sounds good. One thing that sets Marucci BBCOR bats apart from many other bats is the balance, they are simply easier to swing than most other BBCOR’s. After the first few swings and noticing the balance was giving me added bat control and ability to put the bat on the ball, I realized how smooth and comfortable my hands were.
Marucci is claims the barrel on the Black has a 33% larger sweet spot… After the first day of testing, I would have to agree.

Up until now, I would have said $199 would get you the best BBCOR available, but today unfortunately, I have to throw another hundred on that number and say the Black Marucci is worth the extra $100 if you are a serious baseball player and need to have the best baseball equipment on the diamond. I got to look at one this weekend and I would have to agree with you on the balance comments. Soudns pretty good, but I swung the new Easton composites this weekend and these are FAR AND AWAY the best BBCOR bats on the market. Just picked up a Marucci Black for my son who has played with both a DeMarini CF5 and Easton Omen XL. I bought the marucci black bbcor 33-30 bat a week ago and I hit with it in a tournament its verry well balanced , it has the best pop ever out of all of the bats, it has no vibration what’s so ever.
My son has hit Anderson for years and loves the Ignite, for the price you can not beat this bat.
So if your buying a new bat, I’d definitly look into either the Easton, or the Black. The black bat is one of he most end loaded bats on the market and the Marucci marketing people need to rethink their statements. Marucci’s patented multi material barrel technology offers players the advantage of increased swing speeds, better feel and more control at the plate.
The Harmonic Dampener really does work, there is absolutely no vibration in the Black BBCOR.
I switched back and forth from the Cat5 to the Black and consistently, I was shocked at how much better I was hitting with the Black.

I had a chance to swing the Voodoo and CF5, and the CF5 is definitely balanced better than the Voodoo. But he used the bbcor Exo and loved it as well until the disc came loose and the exchanged it for the Z1000 which my son hates. Towards the end of the year my cousin let me borrow his Marucci Black and i absolutely love it. Join the ranks of hitters who have learned to expect as much from their bat as they do from themselves.
I started with the orignal Cat 5 and was reminded why this is considered one of the best, if not the best BBCOR bat on the market. After about 25 pitches, I eagerly picked up the 2012 model Marucci to see what $100 extra would give me, besides a composite handle.
We look forward to trying one out in the near future and want to compare it to the ripit prototype 2 which is a bit more inloaded but has great pop. So if your price conservative go with the Ignite you can’t go wrong, if your willing to spend some more the Exo is a good bat as well and if you can spend the $300 for the Marucci Black you can not go wrong.

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