Sabstad Sails - Main, Jib, Genoa, and Spinnaker in excellent condition with original storage bag. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. After you've got your joint somewhat solidified with a weld of thickened epoxy, you can remove the cable ties.
I'm looking to build this same boat this spring, and would prefer to avoid the stringers as you did. She has proven seaworthy so far, and I think that the fiberglass joint will prove to be stronger than a stringer joint in the long run. Micro Magic - One Design One of the most popular model yachts in the world, the Graupner Micro Magic was designed for racing.
Nirvana - One DesignThe Megatech Nirvana is a popular Ready to Sail boat designed for racing. Pea Pod 36 - One DesignA simple to build and easy to sail design from the 1980s, made from three sheets of plywood. This is where boats that don't fit in other classes register and track their growth on the way to full-fledged class status. Not a Class as such, but a Special Interest Group that studies the history of Model Yachting and supports all manner of traditional models: Vintage Marbleheads, Vintage 36 inch boats, Schooners and Skipjacks.
Most of Dave Goodchild's plans are reprints of old magazine articles on which the copyright has expired, or the magazine has gone out of business so nobody cares anymore.
Throw in the Lightning and you have 2 of the myriad boats that 3 folks could enjoy together or singly.
Shoot, you could buy a race ready Etchells 22 on a trailer for less than it would cost to build that boat.

Finally, if you do the job right, you will have something someone might actually want to buy when you are done with it and are ready for the next boat.
On closer examination, the design looks like a knockoff of the 110, done so they'd have something to print in the magazine.
In fact, there are several project boats that look quite promising for FREE on the 110 class association web site . I think the 'removable' aspect presumes the boat will be launched and retrieved on a lift, rather than a ramp. I also wholeheartedly agree that you could do better with a different boat than this one for a couple of reasons.
However, if this is the kind of boat you want just because it appeals to you on some sort of visceral level, I'll second the notion of building an International 110 for the reasons already offered above.
Because the stitch-and-glue joint is inherently waterproof, whereas stringers require caulking, the fiberglass joint will maintain a seal for longer as well.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. Go to the library or bookstore and pick up a copy of his book Boats with an Open Mind for a write up and study plans. If 3 folks wanted to build a toothpick rocket they probably wouldn't like a wide, deep big boat like the Caledonia yawl. It's only 28 or 30" deep, and the weight on the bottom is only 200#, so although it may flex some, it will probably be stong enough. I recently modified the Mini-Cup Sailboat plans, normally calling for assembly with wooden stringers, to stitch and glue.
Third year in the water, I modified the swing board to a fixed fin keel, moved the centre of resistance aft almost a foot and what a world of difference.

If you go to an electrical supply store, or an aircraft parts store; they sell a tool made for tightening and cutting zip ties.
The class is managed by a Class Owners Association that is part of the International Micro Magic Class.
The 1.7 Meter boat has excellent handling, great speed and a very wide range of wind condition capability. But my guess is that you ought to think about a bigger boat if you want to do a lot of sailing with three or more aboard. We have one in Cape Carteret, up the road from you, that is 35 years old, and just been redone for your viewing pleasure. Now, if those same 3 folks wanted to blast off for a long weekend or week of cruising and camping, maybe they ought to look at other boats. Now I don't know much about the Pamlico sound area, but is it a place where a fixed fin keel with a 3 foot draft isn't going to be a problem?
When you've squeezed the trigger to the adjusted tightness it automatically cuts off the tail flush with the lock. The class is a good bunch who like building and sailing these boats and are knowledgable and freindly (at least in my opinion) and the boat is a classic design. These boats are guaranteed to bring smiles of joyfulness to those roughly you Also offering Hehr Our Candu einsteinium ezed The near Loved of the Mini Tugboats This is a Candu E Z This piffling beauty’s mini tugboat plans. On your mini cup, modifying the centreboard is a no go, but getting the upper spar mor upright, moving the 2 mounting points forward or shortening the boom, would all move the CE forward.

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