I have a full access to woodshop at work with lots of strips of hardwood and have fiberglass and epoxy for reinforcement. I'm sure if i race it wherever in the hood or querilla, i have better chances of making it home with 2 inboards. Location: Eustis, FL This isn't a worthless post, though you do need to consider the realities of engineering and boating 101. I will be trying to build this boat fairly quick, and will worry about motor application after, therefore i have created this documentation to give me some more technical and designing help.
Thats why i though about putting 2 smaller motors, but i dont know of advantages that it would give in water, vs larger but also heavier unit. Location: Milwaukee, WI If you are looking at used legs, there will be little or no difference in price within those sizes. Location: Milwaukee, WI One engine is always faster because there is less drag and mechanical friction.
Frankly, considering a few hundred bucks will get you a fully operational outboard, which none of these issues, it's a bit silly to consider putting a lawn mower engine on an outboard leg, even with a V drive and straight shaft (why for God sake). When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

Out of the box is quaint and refreshing, but often not reasonable, which is likely why you've received zip in replies. In reference to the frame i could not find any zip files, so did transfer the plan (bottom of page 3 of attachment)as shown onto full scale 1:1 gray paper. I was a three pointer once I got some experience and up 'till not many years ago I still had one of those old three pointers. You can rebuild a broken one for the money and effort you'll put into engineering a weird V drive, lower leg, garden tractor motor setup. As a result most have skipped over the post to look for other, less hair brained posts to respond to. I have retraced all the sections of the frame as the proportions follow, and soon i will be trying to start bending frame- which hopefully will be not too tricky.
I used to go fishing in it and people thought I was nuts, fishing rods sticking up in the air and all.
The basic issues are many, unless you live in a place where the air temperature is always cold, cooling will drive you nuts. In large craft, where maneuverability can be a big issue, twins can shine, but in the boats you're thinking about, you can stick you hand in the water and turn quite well, if the rudder takes a dump on you.

This is fine at speed, but steering is usually more critical when you're attempting to avoid things (like concrete docks and other boats) while traveling a low and very low speeds.
You'll need substantial duct work for an air cooled engine, because without the duct work, you have to hear the damn thing make all it's racket.
This is when the flow over the rudder issue lifts it's ugly head and in spite of having the helm hard over, the boat doesn't do squat and plows into what you're attempting avoid. These boats are guaranteed to bring smiles of joyfulness to those roughly you Also offering Hehr Our Candu einsteinium ezed The near Loved of the Mini Tugboats This is a Candu E Z This piffling beauty’s mini tugboat plans. One of your free bonuses really sold me and it was the complete guide to boat building techniques.

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