Ultimately I should be able to create a set of drawings for those who want to build one from scratch.
Location: Burnett Heads Mirror 16 #185 I am reluctantly selling my mirror 16 due to overseas relocation. It appears that the transom and the rearmost sections of hull panels and the floor panels have been replaced on hull 189. Anyway, could someone please give me a measurement along the floor from the rear face of the bulkhead to the forward face of the transom panel (not the transom stiffeners). I have set the hull on stands and then used a plumb-bob to markout the shape of the hull on the garage floor.
The brown sheets leaning against the wall are 3mm card that I want to use to take templates from the hull also. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Location: Brisbane Templates The hull templates are just about completed. In cleaning up my parents holiday house I came upon their once prized M16, now significantly damaged with rot.
I am talking on behalf on the Cowichan Maritime Centre on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. A guy called Archie Campbell at my old club Ranelagh SC Putney London used to have one in light blue.
Another Mirror 16 owner is sending me the original instruction manual that came with the original kit, so we should be able to reverse engineer from that, although I don't think we'll draw plans, that's not in our plans at this stage. As soon as we commence work, (that probably won't be for another month) I'll post photos and describe our process. Location: British Columbia, Canada Encouragement Thanks for the encouragement. However it seems to be the hollow bilge which sets the Mirror 16 apart from so many other dinghies. Location: Brisbane, Australia On 16-17 May Lulubelle took part in the Bribie Island Classic Boat Regatta. Old hands will know that the original Mirror 16 plans included the design for a boom tent, but this designed seemed a bit cramped for two-up.

Originally Posted by POLLYMIRROR16 I forgot to mention that there is also a mirror forum on msn that we could poach mirror 16 owners from, I posted a couple of threads there and was suprised at the amount of replies I recieved and a couple of good photos there too. A morbid sense of deja vu descends upon me as the company that I currently work for closes its Brisbane operation leaving me (and the 18 other staff) redundant.
I should be finishing up around mid to late November and I would like to have a six to eight week break as I have not had a decent break for over two years. I daresay that as I progress with the model I will have questions to ask current M16 owners, so please be forthcoming with info if you can manage it. Point is, there seem to be some sister designs out there which call themselves Mirror16 on ebay , one of them a certain 'Seabee'. However, what I did was dismantle every part of the boat to its basic components and measure them. A length of 40x40x6mm equal angle lies across these tubes and can be moved to almost any position under hull. I reckon that my measurements will be within 5mm, and I will be comparing these against the Class Measurement Rules, so I think the results should be OK. I would prefer it to go to someone who would at least use it for parts rather than taking it to the tip.
I have been fascinated by the various sets of pics and the advice given by others who have struggled through this project. I saw them there on the Narborough Road along with the Mirror Offshore project they were building. I personally sailed a Wayfarer quite extensively in Southern UK, so I was pleased to see the Mirror 16. We decided to sleep on board for a couple of nights and came up with our own design using bendy tent poles.
Hopefully I can find some time during this period to finish the model, although I do also have some plans to set up a sail and amas on my Hobie Adventure kayak and do some fishing around Moreton Bay.
Much to my surprise most of the ply seems in good condition except for aft section of the hull and double bottom which is grim! All she needs is the ply sheets recut and a few bits of solid mahogany edgings to put her back together again and make her perfect.
Also they have added an inner panel to the transom, and knees where the transom meets the keel and the gunwales.

I have also marked out other key points like the centreboard slot, hull centreline, and the joint where the side panels meet the bottom panels (is this called a 'chine'?). When resting on any two of the three parallel steel tubes the equal angle is effectively a datum plane. The second image shows the templates for the centreboard casing, bulkhead, and the underfloor ribs. Our acquisition was drained of about 100 gallons of water in the hull before we could mover her. I have sailed in one many years ago and was very impressed, so much better than a Wayfarer, much lighter, faster and much better behaved.
In effect it is the closest anyone is going to get to a pre made kit for a fully functional mirror 16, short of ripping apart and existing one that is seaworthy.
By measuring vertically from the upper face of the equal angle to points on the hull I can get the relative heights of these points. The trailer is out of registration and appears to have a tow hitch slightly smaller than the standard 50mm ball.
She is drying out now, but the plywood in her hull and in the hollow bige is so waterlogged that two males still cannot lifet her! If you do get the plans off a good one it would be worth putting it into a decent 3D CAD system to very lightly refine it, within tolerances, to get a set of repeatable patterns.
I then took every key wooden part- other than the ply- like the ribbed wooden frame from the bow ect and kept them. It was surprising that it did not do better but in the 80s windsurfing was taking away from dinghies for a while and people started to prefer the all plastic boats which is what Porter Bros did with the Wayfarer. I plan on sailing it on a small lake here in NE Ohio until I can locate a set of better sails and a spinker to take her out on something bigger.

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