The models are of robust diecast metal construction with plastic accessories and have a non-toxic baked paint finish. All of the models have undergone UK and EEC testing as toys and are certified to carry the CE mark. Scottish Offshore Islands, Western Isles, Channel Islands, Isle Of Man, Isle OfWight & Ireland. The range of HIMOTO batteries is designed to be the ideal match for all leading brands of models kits that require a 4- or 6-cell battery featuring durable and reliable Nickel-Metal Hydride battery cells. The Flash is a great handling boat and just a few seconds of full power will get her skipping on top of the water and awaiting your next command. A torpedo boat is a fast and relatively small naval ship designed to carry torpedoes into battle, and more recently they are referred to in Military as fast attack craft. Common to the Mediterranean the boat is lateen rigged with a large triangular sail set on a long yard spar mounted at an angle on the mast and running in a fore and aft direction. Penn Squadron 212 Boat rods utilize high-composite materials making them light in weight and well balanced. The rods feature modern fast-taper actions each sporting an EVA fighting fore grip, and they are fitted with tough LTS rings compatible with both braid and mono lines.

The 20lb blank is ideal for drift fishing over sandbanks for rays, turbot and general ground fish, also for working lures over wrecks and reefs. The 30lb rod has power in the mid section and butt, designed to work big fish up from deep water. Rounded stick pack style packaging with Tamiya style connector, for universal fit in many electric-powered models and battery-powered accessories. The steering is direct and just a small input will give you a slight change of direction, the more input the tighter she will turn. Put this torpedo boat in the water and blow the opposition out of the local pond, with this excellent radio controlled boat which really looks the part. It’s lightweight, but fast taper action achieves maximum bite detection with mono and braid lines.
After a few turns you will find Flash turn tight or with less steering input she will carry a lot more speed throughout the turn.
The remote control Navy Torpedo Boat is a 1:115 scale realistic replica model of a real fast attack boat with a length of 50cm. Built with a progressive but fast taper action, the rod has the capability to put maximum line pressure on big fish that need to be bullied away from wreckage and snags.

After a very short time you should now have her under complete control and feel comfortable at the controls. The remote control navy torpedo boat features a detailed top deck with guns and missiles, communications equipment, plus a working light. If you do manage to turn too tight and Flash ends up upside down then a blip of power will have her upright and ready to go. The rc model boat has dual propeller propulsion, plus a full function radio control system with an estimated range of up the 60 feet,  and control system will give you forward, stop, left and right on this model.
The rc model boat is supplied with a re-chargeable main battery for the boat, plus a UK mains charger, a 9v battery for the transmitter and even a display stand for when you are not ruling the local pond.

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