The Himoto glow starter is the complete set needed to allow you to start your radio control cars nitro engine. The flotsam and jetsam of life has been wonderfully restored within the simple design of this driftwood fishing boat. Using colourful blue fishing line and driftwood collected from Cornish shores, this wall hanging model boat is just perfect for creating a coastal feel. Based in Cornwall in Porthtowan just minutes from the beach, Julia spends hours scouring the beaches and climbing the cliffs to reach hidden coves to collect items for her driftwood creations. As you might expect her little workshop is made from all sorts of bit and bobs and it’s here between drinking coffee and looking out across the sea she makes each of her unique furniture pieces.
A torpedo boat is a fast and relatively small naval ship designed to carry torpedoes into battle, and more recently they are referred to in Military as fast attack craft.

This genuine Himoto quality accessory is the perfect accessory for Himoto and all leading brands of RC Nitro Cars. Put this torpedo boat in the water and blow the opposition out of the local pond, with this excellent radio controlled boat which really looks the part. The re-chargable glow starter is used to heat the glow plug of a nitro engine to a high enough temperature to ignite the fuel in the engine cylinder.
The remote control Navy Torpedo Boat is a 1:115 scale realistic replica model of a real fast attack boat with a length of 50cm.
The remote control navy torpedo boat features a detailed top deck with guns and missiles, communications equipment, plus a working light.
The Himoto kit Includes 1x fuel bottle (empty), 1x Glow Plug, 2x Hex Screwdrivers, 1x UK Mains Charger plus 2x Multi Sockets for essential maintenance and tuning.

The rc model boat has dual propeller propulsion, plus a full function radio control system with an estimated range of up the 60 feet,  and control system will give you forward, stop, left and right on this model. The rc model boat is supplied with a re-chargeable main battery for the boat, plus a UK mains charger, a 9v battery for the transmitter and even a display stand for when you are not ruling the local pond.

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