Motor Torpedo Boat (MTB) 379 was the prototype of a new Royal Navy design for a 73-foot fast attack flush decked wooden MTB combining torpedo and heavier gun armament. Science & Measurement, TransportThis scale model of the antarctic research vessel HMAS Wyatt Earp was made by John B. Transport, ArmsModel of the Royal Navy Battle class destroyer HMS Armada, named in honour of the English victory over the Spanish Armada in 1588.
We appreciate your comments and are planning an upgraded system for you to share your knowledge with us. My Dad, Also Bob Thorpe served as an engineer on MTB 379 on the English North Sea Coast and English Channel. The source Code for Museum Victoria Collections is available on GitHub under the MIT License. FDM is proud to know that this Motor Torpedo Boat PT-4 model will be displayed with pride in someone’s home or office. Motor Torpedo Boat PT-41 was a PT-20 (Elco 77-Foot) Class Patrol torpedo boat, built at Elco and commissioned on 23 July 1941. PT-41 served as the flagship of Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three, which was based in the Philippines from late 1941 to April 1942.

After MacArthur's party left Mindanao, PT-41, along with the two remaining PT Boats of the squadron (PT-34 and PT-35), established a new base of operations at Cagayan, Mindanao, supporting the American military forces defending Mindanao and the nearby islands from the invading Japanese throughout late March and early April 1942. After a torpedo attack in concert with PT-34 on the Imperial Japanese cruiser Kuna on April 9, 1942, PT-41 became the last remaining PT boat of the squadron (PT-34 was sunk in the aftermath of the attack and PT-35 was burned at Cebu).
Dear Maricar - The two model F-104As arrived today in perfect shape; not even a dent in the boxes.
I am fortunate enough to have purchased one of your models for myself to display at my home. This will help us to understand whata€™s popular and why so that we can continue to improve access to the collections. In some cases copyright belongs to third parties and has been published here under a licence agreement: this does not authorise you to copy that material.
Chief designer was Commander Peter du Cane, Managing Director of Vosper Ltd, Portsmouth, UK. Working from our extensive collection of blueprints and their photographs, our master artisans recreated this ship into an incredibly detailed desktop replica.
With no more torpedoes available for PT-41 to use, it was commandeered by the United States Army to patrol Lake Lanao, Mindanao.

This ship model was hand crafted from the finest Philippine Mahogany and sealed to last for generations.
It was destroyed by the Army on April 15, 1942, to prevent its capture while being transported via road to Lake Lanao. You may be required to seek cultural clearances from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, families, individuals or organisations before you reproduce Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander material.
Sixteen of this Type 1 design were built as MTB 380-395 and five Type 2 boats were built as MTB 524-527 featuring a six-pounder gun. MTB 379 was ordered in 1942 and built in early 1943 with the other boats being built thereafter.
Morehouse (Medical Officer) from Corregidor to Mindanao on 12 March 1942, thus enabling MacArthur to escape and to make his famous "I shall return" speech in Terowie, Australia.

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