One of my favorite museums when I was growing up in San Francisco was the wonderful Art Deco SF Maritime museum near Fisherman’s Wharf, every room bursting with model ships and ship artifacts. When I first joined the Hyde Street Model Shipwrights we met in the basement of that museum.
Last weekend Paul, a club member who is also a neighbor in Mill Valley, hosted the annual club picnic.
Paul divides his workspace into several tool-specific stations with several general-purpose stations where model ships take shape.
However, for the last several years the museum building has been under renovation so we’ve set up a small shop in a cabin on the main deck of the old Northwestern Pacific ferry boat Eureka (National Park Service , Wikipedia).

Paul builds model ships on commission and has also published numerous articles on model ship building. I took the opportunity to take some pictures of Paul’s shop which he has made inside his one-car garage. I am glad I found this site, so many interesting articles to read and great photo’s too. I love models of all kinds and I’ve found that model ship clubs, on average, are easier social groups than most model train groups. It’s been years since I have built any models but feel like I need to get away from technology and relax with something fresh.

I still have a lot of the HO, and N gauge trains I had when growing up because I enjoyed them so much.

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