Only been a member for one day, and already have found such a wealth of help and information. I was thrilled to find Chuck Passaro's Practicum for the Sultana, downloaded it, and printed out the first section.I now have confidence that I'm starting out on the right foot, and know that when I make the inevitable blunder, help will be close by. Well, I sanded the counter and stern, added the ledge, trimmed out the keel, (Which I hope I didn't mess up too badly) and am now on station four, carving the hull. Since last post the keel, stern post, and stem pieces have been attached, and a couple of coats of water putty applied.
I slipped out to the shop this Christmas morning and found that ole Saint Nick had not put resin into the hull  Ay any rate, I pulled all the forms out, rubbed a little sandpaper around, vacuumed the dust out and painted in a coat of resin. Very very nice, spar dimensions - When I sailed aboard HMS Rose replica, the 1st Mate told me that their spars did not last longer than 5 years at sea. Building the foremast:I've attached the PE components to the foremast assembly and immediately noticed a problem.
AlexxYour builds are inspiring for a new ship guy here as well, I think I might have to try and Finish my USS. The goal of this project is to try building a (semi) scale RC tall-ship and learning the required techniques to build model ships. As the other RC square-rigger-in-progress guy, I invite you to check the link in my signature below.

I got a little bored of making ribs, 10 more to go and at least one evening each to make them.
There is not much progress on my ship ever since, but I have worked occasionally on planking.
I don't expect my ship to be finished in the near future but I still enjoy building now and than.
This was partly because they had to make replacements out of donated telephone poles, and the wood was not always the best (the ship was under-funded, eventually being sold to Hollywood partly because they could not generate enough schoolship income to keep up with maintenance). Well I think we recognize that we have a problem, and that's the first step in facing your addiction.
The dragon kit actually comes with three different options for building the middle funnel assembly. I don't know if there's any differences between the two kits, but I suspect both have the same poor fit problem. It'll be fun to watch the abbreviated version take form as you get it up to where you're at now. I'm not used to doing photo's of small detail, so if anyone wants to advise on how to make the photo's better, I'd be pleased to hear from you.
They're too close together:compare to reference photos, the the kit mast is a little bit short.

I know it's impossible to make a model identical to the real thing, but it's fun to try!I've put together the main mast for the ship. But, I also guess that ships even then had to make do with whatever was on-hand at whatever port they entered for repairs. Also on the real ship, the mast is topped with small circular hub:(USS Shiloh)I've decided to lengthen the mast by about 1 mm, and create the small circular hub by sanding and cutting a thin slice of sprue.
I don't know how people think about this but I figure if I was going to spend time and effort to build something, I'd try to build it to the best that I can. Masilla Soluble en Agua!A profile shot against the plan.Puttying and SandingTransom trimmed. The hangar itself needs a bit of shortening for it to fit.Attaching the long middle structure was also a pain in the bum.
I'm pretty new to ship modeling but I want this boat to be something that I can display and be proud of.

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