A lot of people on the EVE forums spotted this link about a bunch of pictures of EVE ships that have been made into scale models. I think back years ago when the first guy suggested on the EVE forums that CCP should really push for model or model kits of some kind. Dont get me wrong, i?d love to buy some of those, but pls dont get too hyped up about them.
The fastest way to get some of those is most likely to talk to a RP-shop near you and paint the by yourself. Ghana was an agricultural society and had many farmers and crops.They were in between trade routes and taxed merchants. I doubt they’re one-offs, because why would you create a plastic injection mould for only producing 2 stands.

Therefor perfectly suited for small number productions like, for example stuff to give away on special occasion . They used salt in their food to make it savory, currency, and traded it to other countries for a lot of profit. They dominated trade in East Africa because they were near many seas and oceans enabling it to expand its economy. They supported their large population with a lot of fruits and vegetables grown in their empire. They used calligraphy to write their language and made many manuscripts including The Quatrain by Omar Khayyam. They had a great naval force and made ships three times the size of Christopher Columbusa€™ ships to bring back many items and animals such as giraffes.

They used technology to thrive and survive in the harsh weather of North and Northwest North America.
They made languages to date events and had many wars to see whose empire was greater; they also made alliances and traded with other continents for spices. Great Zimbabwe was a trading hub which supported its agriculture and made it a successful civilization.

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