Thanks for the reference and it's pretty interesting though i don't understand most of it having failed physics at school. 1: You need a large horizontal surface to put solar panels on, the space between the beams.
2: In a solar boat you never know how much power you have, a planing monohull has high drag with lower speeds, a displacement monohull will never plane. As for hull form, make it long and slender, round bottomed, look at nacra cat (for example plenty of others around) for inspiration on hull form. For propellor shape, it depends on the engine you plan to use, the weight and hydrodynamic qualities of your boat. I have seen some planing hull forms in these pages but did not see them plane very convincingly, the question is: Will your hull plane?
Location: Holland Race rules, use of batteries Some boats in the solarspash sprint race go very fast for a short period of time. They use power stored in batteries filled from solar panels over a long period of time before the race. Location: australia Woodyp Planing hulls require a lot of energy to get up and planing, ask your self do I have that energy with the equipment I have?
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Possible materials - polystyrene, plastic tubing, plastic bottle, balsa wood, rubber balloon, empty aluminium drinks can; consider anything that is low weight and floats well. Do you connect the prop shaft directly to the motor shaft [a 1:1 ratio], or use a reduction gear to provide greater torque (turning force)?

Your boat could have larger slower running propeller giving larger masses of water a lower acceleration, or a smaller faster running propeller giving smaller masses of water a higher acceleration. Location: Holland Longtail Think the river boats bhnautika mentioned are know as longtail boats. The flat bottom makes it plane easy and becouse it is not to wide it will be quite efficient when it does not plane. When rechargeable batteries are not permitted it is very unlikely the solar panels alone will provide the power needed to plane. Please forgive missing prop, this is just a very basic scetch, hope proportions or sort of right.
Location: Holland Planing solar models Great to see you have this experience already, sorry if my remarks about hulls not planing offended you. One of the problems is that you need to get to planing speed so the hull also must be efficient in non planing mode. Perhaps you can post a new thread asking for advice on a book on powerboat design that explains the basics.
As the race track is in a straight line it is a very good idea to tilt the solar panels towards the sun.
Location: Perth, Australia Solar Boat Design My son is also wanting to build a model solar boat but is uncertain on hull design, motor size and propellor. Location: australia Dill the main decision that needs to be made is, do you want to go fast or slow and the available power you have. Location: Bundaberg Australia dill, is your son involved in the same competition as my son and students are?

Location: Bundaberg Australia dill, if you're in australia there is the opportunity for your son to enter solar challenge if you wish. If you must try a planning hull, a flattish bottom will be the way to go (like tinnie) with the centre of gravity about 75% aft on the waterline. If you are using two cells to power one motor then connect the positive terminal of one cell to the negative terminal of the other. The propellor in the pictures is tilted very much this also is not very efficient, i'd place the engine as low as possible to make it more efficient, also good for balance. Perhaps you can make them adjustable to compensate for the sun angle at the time the race is run. A lightweight catamaran will move along with much effort where as planning hulls need more power. Make sure to make hulls slender and not longer the neccecary for buoyancy to reduce wetted surface area. This is a long skinny mono main hull, semi circular in section, maybe pointy at both ends, with a small outrigger.
They also solved the shaft trough hull problem (please see picture, the bow ends in a very high point, would like an explanation for this but think students can omid it).
As mentioned before wheight is a very important factor here, the less weight to lift out of the water, the easier it planes.

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