Picture of boat I recieved from the owner.This weekend I picked up my first boat, a 14 foot modified v Jon boat. The idea of getting a small boat came to mind when talking with a local bait store owner. He informed me that the reason why we weren't catching flatheads in a particular stretch of stream was because it was trot-lined from March until November.
Well that didn't sit well with me, but I think I figured out how to outsmart those pesky trot-liners. So after a week or two of debating and doing some research on boats I found out what I needed.
They were light enough for us to carry across shallow riffles (around 150lbs) that would prevent others from further upstream movement. However, I quickly realized that the maximum weight ratings of these boats ranged from 300-400lbs.
When I began looking into 12' flat bottom Jons I was informed by a few friends that I would do better to get a modified v bottom boat.
I was warned that if I took a flat bottom Jon boat on choppy waters, that I'd soon be swimming for the bank, leaving my boat and gear behind me.
Being a multi species angler, I like the option of fishing wherever I want, and whenever I want.
Modified v boats have the benefit of holding heavier weight loads, and navigate better through choppy water.

On the down side was the fact that they sit deeper and weigh more than their flat-bottom counterparts. Home-made Motor StandI began searching craigslist, asking friends on Catfish Freaks, and searching the Ohio Game Fishing Marketplace.
I soon found a post on Ohio Game Fishing's Marketplace that had a 14 Jon boat with trailer, outboard, and trolling motor for $550. At first I was only interested in the boat and trailer, but after a few days I decided that if I ever wanted to fish big waters that I'd need an outboard motor. But before I went to pick up the boat I knew that I would need a motor stand to keep my outboard and trolling motor inside out of the cold. I was informed that the boat had a small leak near the front, and that it wasn't enough to worry about.
I brought it home and made a list of what I needed to make the boat "sea worthy." I would need a bow light for navigation, a stern light for night fishing, anchors and anchor ropes, battery tester, and something to seal the leaks.
I began to research the do-it-yourself bed liners and found that they were indeed water proof.
We lifted it off of the trailer to establish that we could indeed carry it over shallow water.
I began by hand washing the bottom of the boat with a 5 gallon bucket and dawn dish liquid. I knew that I had some wiring to do and rod holders to install so while I was off selling my Xbox it would have time to dry so I could later put the boat on the trailer and begin working.

We both decided to anchor the rod holders to the inside bench seats rather than drilling holes in the side of the boat.
He wanted to install 12 pvc rod holders, 4 to each bench seat, but I had only bought 10 feet of 1.5 inch pvc pipe.
After a few measurements I found that I could only add about 8 rod holders at this point in time. In order to decrease the amount of speed it takes to get a boat to a plane the boat must be balanced. I do however plan to add a false floor for the battery to set upon and a trolling bar with driftmaster rod holders at the stern.
I also plan to add an instrument panel with battery life gauges, toggle switches for lights, and mount the fish finder to it. I may even paint the boat a hunter green color in the future, but I want to make sure that all leaks are fixed, before any painting occurs.

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