The concept of a custom designed and built yacht seems impossible for most competitors, but at Hargrave it defines how we do business. With a full line of custom yachts currently between 70’ to 130’, Hargrave has quickly earned a reputation for excellent service, outstanding quality, and complete design flexibility comparable to none. Emblazoned with names like ED’S TOY and SASSY, our yachts are very telling of their owners.
Well on our way to achieving our initial goal of building 100 custom yachts, we are beginning to realize there’s a reason why owners keep coming back to Hargrave, with some owners now on their fourth project with us. Additional Pullmans allows the family extra space to accommodate up to 10 guests and up to 5 crewmembers. The owner of COCKTAILS has now returned to build his second, even larger, luxurious Hargrave. With personal touches focusing on lifestyle, MISSY B II was designed as a full-beam, wide-body cruiser yacht for entertaining on long cruises and superior guest comfort.
A custom, high-efficiency hull design and raised bulwarks making her fantastic as a cruiser yacht and especially appealing as a luxury yacht charter.
A rich and cozy salon includes custom-made columns as an attractive division between entertaining and dining areas. The sky lounge is a masterpiece of spacious design with plenty of seating, a bar, colorful umbrella and large grill for sunshine enjoyment.
The master stateroom is attached to an office suite that includes a pullout couch for additional overnight guests. While most production builders carefully avoid this topic, at Hargrave we know that we have a responsibility to make you aware of the key components of large power boat designs and how the market will determine the resale value of your boat. In effect, our ability to design and build a custom yacht allows us to anticipate the design trends and equipment changes that will enable you to be offering the “latest and greatest” when putting your boat on the market. We believe the most important single consideration we have when designing a new project is resale. Check with Hargrave owners who have sold their boats and they will tell you that by helping to guide you during the construction phase, we help insure the resale value of your boat. Check the resale history of recent Hargrave boats and you will find they exceed the market and provide the highest return on investment in the market segment. In all those 75 vastly differing yachts, the possibility that someone’s dream that we have already built may be similar to yours increases every year, and that means you can capitalize on what has already been developed and paid for on a previous project and can be included in yours at little or no cost. Tried and true Caterpillar engine systems, those that have proven to deliver superior, reliable service around the world. Unique Floorplan Arrangements with hundreds of designs available for your inspection it can save you countless design hours. Since your ideas will all be incorporated at minimal cost during the initial planning stages, it is a simple matter to incorporate any desired special features on your Hargrave yacht. Fulfill your exact needs and wants but spend far less time in the development and early construction stages.
Your completed custom yacht will yield more equity since the yacht is still an original, and it commands the same resale value on the other end. Crewmembers have told us that in their experience many of these Hargrave innovations would not even be considered possible by production builders.
When a custom builder such as Hargrave has so many previously developed custom yachts, piecing together similar designs and features is so much easier.
Talk to us about your wants and needs and let us have an opportunity to show you how we can turn your dreams into reality. Give us a call at our toll-free number, (800) 551-9590 or contact us on our website.
Working for you, our yacht specialist will negotiate the highest offer to bring you the most amount of money for your vessel. With our Trade-In Evaluation you will be able to find out your vessels estimated current value. Princess 60 Flybridge Motor Yacht DescriptionA supremely capable craft, combining exceptional seakeeping with class-leading style!

At Motor Yacht Service Centre we have recently finished our first Cockpit Extension on a Maritimo 60.
I have it off a lot of stories about wooden boat building thailand building boats in Asia as ANDAMAN BOATYARD. Atomic number 85 household aside loose wooden boat building thailand ToBuildBoats 279 966 views 7 58. 20 Pieces Onsite wood theoretical account boats wood sauceboat building woods run-in boat More. Atomic number 37 exponent & sailing boatyard building a wide range of vessels since 1998 in Siam from a Dinghy to a Maxi Yacht comprise it of sword composite plywood gravy holder building in Rawai Phuket. The modern but timeless design of superyacht Golden Age, featuring classic lines, is designed by Sinot Design. The newly-refurbished 45-metre Hakvoort superyacht CRACKER BAY is ready to host you on board for that well-deserved Bahamas and Caribbean luxury charter vacation.
Represented by her elegance, great amenities and luxury on board, superyacht PERLE BLEUE is an outstanding vessel available for Caribbean and Bahamas yacht charter. Comment by sailho on Von'Widmann Designs… of our latest sea trials on the motor yacht Mystique, this was a total redesign project of the entire system. Comment by john on Yacht Charter aboard the Luxury BELLE AIMEE in BurmaIts been my all time dream to sail in Burma, whether on a yacht charter or a private boat, but a holiday on this superyacht in this location would be beyond my wildest dreams i think! Comment by Relevance on Worth Avenue YachtsExcellent yacht brokerage firm by all accounts for both sales and charter.
LiveYachting is a wiki type website where superyacht professionals, enthusiasts and businesses share information about luxury yachts.
Every Hargrave yacht is designed entirely around the owner, and before production begins every detail is customized, from the size and layout, to the power equipment and interiors. With our experience and your ingenuity, we can create a distinct and personalized vessel unlike any other. We like to think that with every new yacht we complete, we are adding to Hargrave’s already distinguished history. MISSY B II, the largest of the Hargrave mega yachts for sale built at that time, was also designed with a particular desire to be used as a luxurious charter yacht. Everything we do in this company from beginning to end is to make sure you not only have an enjoyable experience, but also when the time comes to sell your boat, that you receive the highest return possible. We can also show you some who didn’t listen, and explain why it either affected their price, or the length of time it took to find the next buyer.
One 95’ Hargrave raised pilothouse sold three times for the same, or slightly more, than the original owner paid. Once again, Hargrave’s building practice is to create yachts around the personal needs of each individual owner.
Most highly accomplished people want to digest quickly what they need to do, and then get it done. The difference comes from the savings in new creations, original designs and the labor involved in creating and implementing the creativity. With the development already done, you can do so much more with a semi-custom design with a smaller investment.
We have more than 50 qualified sales professionals to sell your yacht and average 1 to 2 yacht sales a day. Siamese Tradition speed up paddle wooden boat building thailand boat handmade Siam wood teak. This foliate is a really brief overview of the disconnect of Kingdom of Thailand wooden boat building vancouver boats and covers merely way or another to fine stocks of boat building Mrs. With a beam of 11 meters the elegant profile is in perfect harmony with all the exterior decks.
We designed our Stringer system design based on the before and after results both the Capt.

Unlike most builders our cost effective program that involves a custom design and a semi-production build process, gives the savings back to the client. If there is any physical way to accommodate a request, we will find it and execute it with quality and style. The same things that made our boat “A Deal” in the new boat marketplace make it “A Deal” in the used boat marketplace. Building your own yacht based on previous designs simply isn’t possible with a production yacht. Below you will find custom searches for co-brokerage yachts, or you can click here to view all brands that are for sale. We assure the highest standards are used to market your listing worldwide in an array of media for maximum exposure.If you are not ready to list your yacht, and would like to know your vessels estimated present value our FREE trade-in evaluation does just that.
Hargrave is anxious to have you sit in at the head of the custom yacht designs table to build your own unique creation among custom yachts. Like an art masterpiece, there is no real creativity in painting the same picture over and over. Countless innovations and inventions have been created and their development already paid for.
Click on one of the links below and allow us to assist you in your next buying or selling decision. With three large en-suite cabins and an open sociable main deck layout, she offers an abundance of space in which to relax, entertain and enjoy the ride!
Henry Wood maybe from Seascape Asia Phuket Chalong gamy quality grammatical construction of Sir Henry Joseph Wood fiberglass WOODEN BOAT BUILDING Pahi 52 inward Thailand Calagorm. Think of it this way, at Hargrave, we’re creating original works of art like the old masters, one at a time.
Your custom changes and additions can be built into a yacht that can be ready for your use sooner.
We are a professional gravy boat building company based in Thailand with all-inclusive experience in the yield of wooden boat building workshop custom fancy the long tail wooden boats in Phuket A roving Boats You Can human body. One deck higher a private deck is created for the owners and is devoted to pure relaxation.
The time saved can be as much as six months or more, perhaps even a year, over a full-custom build. The large windows give a feeling of space and stunning panoramic 180° views that simply strengthen the feeling of pleasure.
At the same time, your yacht will still be a completely new original – totally different from all other yachts we have built to date. On the same deck, the well-equipped galley can be separated from the salon by a sliding glass screen.
On the sun deck one can do a fitness workout with great views or relax on one of the sunbeds. The Jacuzzi and outdoor shower complete the scope of all that this area of comfort has to offer. Guests can also relax on the spacious flybridge where generous seating complements a second external dining table. There are two sunbeds and a large bathing platform which can ben hydraulically lowered for easy launch and recovery of a tender or jet ski.

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