Electric Motors Boat Motor Repairs Motor Manufacturers Go-Devil Outboard Motors 1995, they began producing and selling Go-Devil boats An article that reviews different types of mud motors and boats that are used while hunting for waterfowl.
We go out of our way to make sure you're hunts and fishes the waters his boats are used in Lamarr can set you up with a motor or a boat package to suit We specialize in Honda Outboards as well as Go-Devil boats and motors! From what I understand, when Glenn & Mudbuddy bought Excel, the quality at that time was below their competitors. Yes, we had some startup pains three years ago, but today, Excel has over 100 dealers and we have a lot of boats out there. My Arkansas employees build one hell of a boat and like any reputable boat builder, we stand behind our products.

If you watch the excel video of their facility and the building process it is really impressive. Boats reviewed Go-Devil, Mud Buddy Manufacturing, Fisher Find Go Devil Mud Motor from a vast selection of Propellers.
See Dealer Service Specials for service coupon Go-Devil Boats Motors located at 154 Lafayette St in Winona MN. But it takes some power to move em cuz they are a little on the heavy side but I love my Excel.
We get by with the 5052 .125 in grass marshlands and ice in the west, but the guys that run stumps etc.

Motor has less than 20 hours on it and is equipped with a Mikuni carb and gutted stock exhaust.
Everything my dealer touched on the boat has came loose or broken and I've only had it 2 months. No biggy I can fix it, but for what I spent you'd think the rigging quality would be better.

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