Come and visit us at the Festival de la Plaisance de Cannes, 10-15 September 2013 Stand QSP-057. Exhiliration of Corsair Under SailAround the buoys or around the world, a sensation that must be experienced to be believed.
Performance and Sweet LinesSeawind utilizes higher level construction techniques to keep their cats light, fast and sleek. The sailboat racing culture in San Diego is world-reknowned, and continues to evolve to include more multihull-friendly racing events. WCM comes by this Corsair interest naturally, as Kurt Jerman was both Sales Manager and General Manager for Corsair Marine when the company was building boats just down the road in Chula Vista. So take a look at the events on the right, and come join us for a rippin’ day on the water. Below is racing class information for all Corsair models, as well as correction docs and other things you will need to get set up to race.
For more information on Corsair events, boats and the company itself, check out their news feed. The construction of this professionally built sailboat is cold-molded Bruynzeel mahogany, 3 plys with West System epoxy monocoque, constructed in 1985 by California Custom Boats.

Auxiliary propulsion is by Volvo 28 hp model 2003 (installed 1992, 500hrs) with marine gearbox, Aquadrive, stainless steel shaft and 2 blade Max-Prop. The interior has 3 double berths in 3 cabins, a double in the forward cabin, main salon and a separate and private aft cabin with its own head.
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West Coast Multihulls and a number of Corsair trimaran owners have been working hard behind the scenes to develop racing opportunities and enthusiasm for these new events. There’s probably not another person in the US who knows more about these boats, inside and out, and how much fun they are to get out on the water in a fresh breeze. Corsairs are great boats to cruise, and simply daysail for the pleasure of speed and friendship. Some skippers are also looking for crew, so drop Kurt a line (below) to see if he can hook you up on a boat. We bring together innovations from modern racing multihull design and construction, and marry them with comfort, through elegant, intelligent and highly ergonomic design.

West Coast Multihulls wants all Corsair owners to feel part of a growing group of sailors finding ways to get out and have fun on their boats. We are privileged that our team includes some of the most talented players in the yachting industry, including naval architects Van Peteghem Lauriot Prevost (VPLP), and outstanding craftsmen from the worlda€™s best yards.
Trimaran and catamaran sailing offers sailors an escape from the ordinary, and a better way to travel under sail.
This page will become a hub for these events, including photo galleries and videos from participants. There’s no substitute for days spent on the water, and no better tools to get you there.

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