Delphia Nano: The long anticipated Delphia Nano is a modern tribute to traditional Dutch displacement boats and is perfect for fishing fans and young families whose budget stretches with the fuel costs of a high speed boat. Buyers choice, but suggested and included in price is a 4 stroke Yamaha 9.9hp Thuster providing excellent economy and power at low speeds. Aft transverse double bed, v berth forward, 2 setees, dining table, galley, enclosed head, light and bright interior in beech colour, removeable cockpit table.
If you think about this boats roots in the North Sea, you would think of a sturdy craft that can handle bad weather, and it is spacious with good headroom and a lovely, well thought out interior. Formosa 620 Tomahawk Centre Cab: AUSTRALIAN MARINE CENTRE, QUEENSLANDS LARGEST BOAT SALES CENTRE. AGENTS FOR: SUZUKI OUTBOARDS, TOURNAMENT PLEASURE BOATS, FORMOSA BOATS, AQUAMASTER BOATS, POLYCRAFT BOATS, HAINES SIGNATURE, DUNBIER TRAILERS, REDCO TRAILERS. WE SELL NEW AND USED BOATS, SUZUKI NEW OUTBOARDS, SECOND HAND OUTBOARDS, FULL SERVICE DEPARTMENT.
Stacer 429 Assault Pro Side Console: The new 429 Assault Pro is sure to be a favourite among fisherman with a re-designed hull offering extra free board and great stability under foot.

New Australian Made Yacht Sailing Boat Trailer, 2010, Boat Trailer, Fully Hot Dipped Galvinised sailing boat trailer, winch, LED trailer lights, Light Truck Tyres, Braked.
This Quality built walkaround is in very good condition and has two large kill bins in the floor, plumbed bait tank, 2 new heavy duty batteries with isolator, clears, covers, deck hose and more.
This boat is affordable in all respects, with a moderate purchase price but the real advantage in todays rising cost of living and increasing fuel costs, is the very low operating costs. Remainder of safety equipment, 406 epirb, life jackets, flares etc to be added at cost at time of delivery. YMF Loan is a quick and easy to use service that offers a range of flexible repayments from 24 to 60 months you choose the option that best suits you! With good standing headroom inside, and surprisingly, a double transverse berth aft, plus a double v berth forward, in the light, bright interior with enclosed head, dinette, galley, cockpit table for dining or relaxed sundowners in the cockpit.
The outboard lifts for shallow water or beaching, and a retracting centreboard aids in directional stability and manouvering in close quarters. This package is priced with 12 months Boat and Trailer registration and safety gear at only $21,750.00 Inc GST Drive away.

Supplied on a tandem trailer with 4 wheel brakes with a combined weight around 1800kg, boat and trailer, it is easily towed by most family sedans or utility's. The beam is 3m, providing a spacious interior, but will require wide load signs and flashing beacons in most states when towing. As a displacement boat, it is not high speed, and a suggested engine is a Yamaha 9.9 HP 4 stroke Thruster.
These engines can supply a ton of grunt from a standing start but may be flat out at ten knots, and if you are content to cruise at 5 or 6 knots the fuel useage will be exceptionally low, anticipated around 2 litres per hour. FEATURES SUCH AS FULLY WELDED SIDE DECKS, REINFORCED FLOOR STRUCTURE & INTERNAL TRANSOM WELDS MAKE THE FORMOSA TOUGHER THAN YOUR TRADITIONAL TINNY.

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