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The 200 square meter split-level houseboat on De Omval keeps a low profile to respect local building ordinances.
A staircase on one side of the house leads up to the rooftop deck, then down half a floor to one of the bedrooms. The water villa was recently completed and launched at De Omval, and it offers sweeping views of the nearby Amstel River. The problems of utilities, waste, permits, design are a little more difficult than for a typical land structure, but are not difficult to overcome.
Location: Texas I saw a program about new development in Amsterdam and prefab floating housing that looked like some we have done for commercial with a basement for the flotation.
Once the hull has been built any conventional prefab style construction can be utlilized for the structure. Some of the more sucessful concepts have been existing resort hotels with marinas using the already owned waterfront for additional floating room units.
The closed cell foam we use today is loaded and expanded inside cross linked polyethylene encasement modules at 1.2 pounds per cubic ft. I suppose that is not any worse than making statements in this venue to be taken apart by everyone around the world.
Have a look at my alternative design idea, however, for a Moduluar Catamaran Houseboat, the hulls for which would be built in aluminum.
Originally Posted by Saildude The pontoons are a good concept - the other option if the houseboat design was done correctly and there was a critical mass of house boats with your pontoons a spare pontoon could be floated in and used to support the houseboat while the original pontoon was partially submerged and removed for servicing - Well, if you look at my presentation that I posted the link to, I suggest exactly that--move another pontoon under the houseboat and float it up--but you don't have to remove the house pontoon, the whole thing raises up high enough for cleaning and servicing within the resident berth. Location: Seattle, Washington, USA I did download and looked at the presentation - must have missed the boat ramp part. Anywhere in Florida is prone to hurricanes, and probably the southern tip and the panhandle more than the northeast, if history is any guide. Location: AL gulf coast Theres a tug that has pushed a floating city (only one house so far) down the Mobile river and up again over the past year.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. E’ situato nel villaggio di Sabon Yelwa a Kaduna, nella parte settentrionale della Nigeria, il prototipo della casa costruita con bottiglie di plastica promosso dalla Dare (Associazione per lo sviluppo delle energie rinnovabili) insieme ad un team di architetti ed ingegneri londinesi, che hanno approntato un innovativo progetto bioedilizio. La “casa di plastica” misura 58 mq e comprende una cucina, un patio, un bagno e due camere da letto. Nascono in Germania e si diffondono in tutto il mondo le Houseboat, edifici green costruiti con legno e bambu e completamente autosufficienti dal punto di vista energetico grazie allo sfruttamento di fonti rinnovabili.

Lo studio Morphosis e il dipartimento di Architettura e Urban Design dell’CLA hanno studiato un prototipo di casa galleggiante prefabbricata, realizzata lo scorso anno a New Orleans. Se hai gia le idee chiare su come inziare in modo semplice e hai gia letto con attenzione i nostri consigli, richiedi un preventivo gratuito per realizzare la tua nuova casa in legno, o per effettuare dei lavori di ristrutturazione. We also have a gorgeous apartment overlooking the Amstel and Guesthouse rooms in the city centre too. This new modern houseboat at De Omval makes houseboats on Lake Powell in the USA look like redneck McMansions.
Part of the home is submerged underwater, but +31 Architects made sure to provide daylighting down below by creating a large void from the top floor down to the bottom floor.
The staircase continues down another half floor to the bottom level, which features a study, a master bedroom and bathroom and space for technical equipment. A wood planked jetty leads up to the site, and a deck on the opposite side of the house allows the owners to moor a boat alongside it. I am looking for joint partners with experience in permitting and construction techniques to add or enhance our own.
There a few Hotels with rental units on barge structures, typically a two story barge with 4 units. If these are put in a high concentration an artificial water flow system to avoid water stagnation and trash accummulation is a must.
Tax considerations on personal property and depreciation are a huge issue on mobile structures as opposed to land based housing and maybe a tremendous benefit.
In my opinion anything that requires bilge pumping, particularly made of wood, is a problem waiting to happen. A steel barge hull will also work very well and with modern coatings have a very long service life. For it to work it has to be cost effective, and in the current real estate market this has just become more difficult.
This of course does not call for costs related to waterfront property, just lost slip fees in exchange for hotel rooms. The effect of not pumping the bilge of anything for a long period, particularly when you only have 2-3 ft. Total saturation at 1.2# is only and when totally saturated is 7 percent saturated by weight and only occurs after the poly encasement fails. Augustine, FL, USA A lot depends on what your client wants, and in the case of my Flagler Beach client, he knew wood and fiberglass, had those skills, and so we designed the houseboats accordingly. Augustine, FL, USA For those that want to see the actual presentation at IBEX, Professional Boatbuilder magazine video-taped the whole thing, and you can see it at the link below. What ever your choice, you will have everything on your doorstep and a unique holiday to remember.
Designed by Dutch firm +31 Architects, the Watervilla de Omval is a compact 2-bedroom houseboat with modern lines that can ride the rise and fall of the tides.

The top floor holds the the kitchen, dining and living areas and features large floor-to-ceiling windows on the canal side. While the river and canal levels are kept pretty constant in the city, the home could easily adapt to rising sea levels and a changing climate.
There are several places where live aboard barge type unpowered house boats are congregated, in Miami along the 79th St Causeway and a few other areas. Because we have been involved in the manufacturing and construction of single units we have never approached the development, taxes or financing on water based communities. The public is not smart to figure this out until 25 years too late and then the entire industry will take the blame. The new standards for these modules follow the best procedures over the past 50 years and have resulted in modules on the Great Lakes in the ice conditions that have been in place for over 40 years. There are a few places where there are floating restraunts which after a quick google I find is common worldwide like Jumbo in Hong Kong, third picture. The problems that I see in the US are Architects, not really picking on Architects, that are interested in the type of thing that you see in the pictures of engorged houses.
It must be a master plan with architectural controls, auto traffic control, water flow control and security.
I suppose the market drives this sort of thing but it drives the price up, and has no architectural appeal, nothing new in design, just a stick built, too close to the water and unable to sustain a storm. Open foam is disasterous with saturation, crabs, and varments of all types making nests inside.
You cant get a loan on a house , condo,s were pre sold to 65%to 70% to cover building cost and banks will never fall for that again. This leaves you with the developer comming up with enough cash to pay the building cost or pre selling to people who dont have to get a loan. We have considered a design competition but are not really sure what venue to use for posting and conducting the event.
I know one condo developer who could come out of pocket but most could,nt , that,s why I,m building a bridge these days.
There may be some merit to artificial harbors off water ways that do not consume existing water surface. You may be able to find the floating city on google, I think the concept is a good one but it will be hard to sell it right now.
As in everything you do, there are exceptions and I certainly stand to be corrected and taken to task for statements I may make. I strictly speak from a position of having had to guarantee the performance of these structures over very long periods of time and again do not lightly put my neck in anybody's noose.

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