Step aboard the Sweet Melissa and we will provide everything you need to enjoy a fun and productive day of Atlantic City and Brigantine fishing.
Time Out Charters will take you out to watch the dolphins, turtles, birds and other wildlife that the Jersey shore has to offer.
Barnegat Bay With great views of the Barnegat Bay, this is sure to be one of the best fishing or crabbing spots in all of Ocean County.
Barnegat Bay Park is Closed for Construction2016 Opening TBD The Pier is 285‘ long x 24’ wide. Sandy Hook Bay Enjoy the maritime shrublands, tidal creeks, salt marshes, dunes, mile of beach and scenic views across the water.
If you are new to Pier fishing, then there are a few things to keep in mind with regards to having the correct tackle.
In addition to the possibility of big fish, the ocean is a challenge on your equipment as well. You should make sure you have a long handle or telescoping landing net when you are pier fishing. Nothing complicated here, just make sure you have 2 way, 3 way, and snap swivels in a few different sizes.
Looking at the extended forecast, it would appear that we could finally catch a little bit of a break in the next week or so. Spoke with Big Ed at Fin-Atics Marine Supply in Ocean City this week to get the low down on local fishing conditions.
According to the crew at Tony’s Bait and Tackle in Manahawkin, it gets a little better every week. Tom at Team Tackle Direct tells me that the shallows in Risley Channel behind Margate is a good place to start in your hunt for striped bass this time of year. Contrary to some of the rumors right after Sandy, Fishermens Supply Company in Point Pleasant is alive and well and running full bore into the new season. Just got an email from a valued reader, Steve Kasprzak of the Villas, who was at the Ponderlodge Fishing area in Cape May when they were stocking trout the other day.
If you are a fresh water denizen and have been looking for some pike action, I would suggest you head over to Meltzers Sporting Goods in Garfield and load up on shiners. As I mentioned at the top of this report, it looks like the weather may finally cut us a break for a change. Atlantic City, NJ has been known as a hotspot for on- and off-shore saltwater fishing on the East Coast for quite some time now.The Atlantic City fishing report regularly includes white perch, striper, winter and summer flounder, sea bass and bluefish. Fishing in Atlantic City is a great activity for the entire family, and Jessica is quick to point out that the Jessie O’ crew all enjoy teaching children of ALL ages the art of fishing. Find out more about all the fun you can have fishing in Atlantic City and learn more about the Jessie O' Fishing & Cruising Fleet.
All of our prices include rods, reels, tackle and bait for your back bay or ocean angling experience. We can take you to the Golden Nugget Casino and Marina or any of the other fine restaurants where you can enjoy your meal on their deck. You have an amazing panoramic view of New York City, along with awesome sunrises and sunsets. If you are on an Ocean or open bay fishing pier where Bluefish and Striped Bass are known to run, your not going to get by on light tackle. You need something that will handle dropping several ounces of lead as required on occasion.
Most fish of any size will be lost as you try to land it on a pier if you don't net the fish.
You can save some money over the course of a fishing season by buying hooks in bulk, but be careful because if they are not Stainless steel they will rust quickly just being exposed to salt air.
Most pier fishing is done with a very simple set up of a 3 way swivel, a leadered hook with bait and a sinker. You will save much money by buying in advance online as mark up on sinkers at piers and other tackle shops is high.
Cheap knives loose there edge quickly, rust and will not give you satisfactory value for your money over the long haul.

If our esteemed weather prognosticators are correct, the snows may, and that’s a big may, have finally turned tail and run from the Garden State.
The beach is somewhat slow but there has been the occasional striper caught at the south end by anglers using clam as bait.
Some winter flounder have been caught in the local waters (remember 2 fish at 12 inches) and the striper bite at the power plant has been good, but not so much in the keeper category.  Bloodworms are the best producers but white shad tails are also giving them a run for the money.
Water temperatures tend to heat up faster there and the bait will migrate to it with hungry stripers not far away.
Had a nice chat with Ron at the shop this week and he informed me that this week, the flounder bite is the best in the area. He informed me the state loaded the lake with some beautiful brown beauties up to 8 pounds.
Atlantic City is also a perfect year-round fishing destination, attracting everyone from professionals and enthusiasts to first-timers. With charter boats venturing offshore into the ocean and the bay, fishers have the opportunity to catch everything the city’s waters have to offer. Keep in mind, we offer pick-up locations in Absecon, Atlantic City and Brigantine Beach so you can choose the location that works best for you.
The great tablefare and live music in a happening atmosphere make these venues the place to be.
It is unfortunate because piers tend to be an 'equalizer' in letting those without the financial means of owning a boat an opportunity to fish in the ocean. It is well-lit at night, family-friendly, and produces some of the finest catches of Flounder, Striper, Bluefish, Weakfish, Croakers, Kingfish and Blue Claw Crabs!!!
Still, you don't want anything too heavy to slow you down from casting and retrieving is in order. So, either buy small packs of hooks and leave packs closed until ready to use or buy stainless steel hooks. Handles of something other than wood is preferable as wood never really comes clean and it acts as a germ hangout on your knife.
The stocking trucks from the Peaquest Hatcheries are rolling across the state, getting our streams and lakes ready for the opening of trout season which commences on April 6.
More productive have been the new fishing piers along the Ninth Street causeway as well as the areas around the power plant in Beasley’s Point. I was also reminded by the gang at TD that tautog reopens next week (April 1) and stays open for the month at four fish per angler. When that’s the case, I like to speak with Dave Arbeitman of the Reel Seat in Brielle for some options.
Once again, live shiners and fat heads seems to be the key with the cool water making artificial baits a reel work effort. The shop officially opens for the season this week and almost all of Sandy’s handy work has been reversed according to Carmen. Hopefully, we can get some stretches of sunshine which combined with the higher angle of the sun could give us a little warmer water. You can even do a combination trip with fishing and food at one of these hot spots all in the same outing.
Unfortunately, Super Storm Sandy impacts dwindled an already short list to what we have today. However, some of the lower end models will last you 1 year and you will need to replace it. I understand that they are putting up to 6000 breeder trout (3 to 8 pounds) in this year along with their regular stocking program. Drag Island is usually a go to place this time of year but there have been few reports and its viability as a fishing spot is still in question. Tony’s is operating on spring hours and has all the fresh baits and tackle you will need for a day of angling.  The beaches on LBI are accessible but there is still a ton of Sandy work going on so access to your favorite spot may be a little iffy. If you haven’t stopped in there new facility on Tilton Road in EHT, I recommend you give it a look see. Cleanup is progressing in the bay and that may even be helping to stir up the toothless flatties.  Striper action has been a little muted but Ron said the has been some decent activity by the 37th street bridge.

Dave told me that he heard some netters in the Manasquan Area came across some schools of mackerel. If you are looking to upgrade your freshwater tackle box, you are going to need to head over to the shop. The rental boats aren’t in yet but the new freezers and some additional shop space have been added and the bait is ready and waiting for you.
Best hope for catching is in the back waters at drop offs against shallow areas in my opinion.
Divide the cost of the fishing trip with the individuals in your group and you get a great day of fishing for a terrific price. Whether you own or rent a bayside home, we can provide you with the ultimate convience by having you step out of your living room, right on to the Sweet Melissa. This is just one more way to make your Brigantine and Atlantic City fishing trip more memorable. The quality of the rod is important also, but even the low end rods will last you a while, unlike the low end reels. He also asked me to remind our readers that they are having a seminar at the shop on Thursday April 4th at 7 pm.
They have been stocking up in anticipation of opening day of trout with everything from a full line of Berkley Power Baits to Mepp’s spinners. Fishing has been a little slow in the area with some keepers coming from the back and lighter action beach front.  Winter flounder can be had in the back around Paddy’s Hole and can be mixed up with some white perch fishing to put a little extra on the plate. Our goal is to make your Atlantic City and Brigantine fishing charter the highlight of your vacation or time away from work.
I predict a great trout season thanks once again to a stalwart effort form the gang at NJ Fish and Game. I have fond memories of Good Friday trips to load up the bait locker for summer fluking but that fishery seems to have ebbed. We are between seasons for many fishing opportunities so your choices are somewhat limited.
Including fishing licenses.  Definitely the one stop shop when it comes to fresh water angling.
In the freshwater, arm yourself with some shiners or fatheads and target pike, crappies other pan fish at your favorite spots. Dave also asked me to mention his “Beginners Only” tile fish trip aboard the Voyager this June.
The water is hovering in the low forties so fish slow.  In the briny waters, striped bass are almost the only game in town right now. Bachelor parties also have a fantastic experience fishing with Time Out Charters before the big night out (responsible alcohol consumption is allowed).
Breaking port on Tuesday evening, June 4 for deep water action on June 5 it comes with a pre-trip free seminar at the shop on the Joys of Tile Fishing, host by Dave.  For those of you interested, there isn’t another person on the coast with as much experience on this type of fishing. And the best options for a keeper is in the back waters where you can find skinny water holding both heat and bait. All guided trips include fish cleaning back at the dock unless you prefer to take the day's catch home to fillet on your own. Dave also designs and sells one of the finest Tile fishing rods that I have ever seen.  The trip is limited to 21 anglers and is half-booked now so if you want in, I would contact the shop and get a reservation ASAP.
Chum buckets are almost an essential for attracting these tasty treats so load up with clam.  From this weekend on, fishing does nothing but get better. Please leave a message if we are unable to immediately receive the call due to being out on the water and we will get in touch with you after the day's outing. Longer days, warmer water and stronger baits all start to make a foothold in the local waters.

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