This old wooden dinghy, hauled out onto the beach along the Kaikoura Coast, is used as a decorative prop along State Highway 1, the main road in New Zealand.
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Unauthorized use of any images or footage from this site is prohibited by international copyright laws. An old wooden boat meets a modern sailing dinghy as they wait for the start of the Volvo ocean race.
As a new project I have bought an old mirror, I have started ripping the old paint off and removing the fibreglass tape to replace.
I have done this repair at a national championship after a race, on the shore, and sailed in the next race the following day. An alternative to slanted scarfing is to create matching steps (if you can find the correct plywood).
I had bought the boat as a stepping stone onto my next project - the idea was to learn a lot of skills that i might need on a larger boat.

Neds instructions do seem easy to follow so fingers crossed - ill post pictures when im done. As i said earlier i was planning on fixing the mirror up ( im 6'2 tall so its possibly a little small for me) and then trading up to my next project. Wow 7675 is pretty early - ours (number thirty thousand something) had bits of rot here and there, mainly around the front of the centrecase - very worth the repair effort though. I would find it hard to part with our Mirror - it's become quite a useful knockabout - last camping trip we did a lot of day exploring with just the jib and oars - in strong wind we were hiking along with just the jib and I was amazed how well I could steer with the oars. I capsized it for the first time recently (my 2nd Mirror but first time) and was impressed how high it floated on it's side - water only part way up the side seat - and lesson learned; keep a righting rope handy and centrally attached, the daggerboard somehow attached by some string and something handy to float the mast. I find it better to sort out the boat hole then marry some ply to the hole as I preffer throwing bits of ply away, rather than watching the hole in the boat grow. Well the weather has been horrendous here nothing but rain, working on the hull has been put off as its outside. Loaded up with lobster pots, the dinghy is found beside Nin's Bin, a roadside vendor selling lobster (often referred to as crayfish in New Zealand) from a caravan.Dinghy loaded with craypots at Nin's Bin Crayfish caravan along the Kaikoura Coast (State Highway 1), South Island, New Zealand.

To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. Later models were allowed two each side to stop the floor from 'panting' whilst racing with the boat on a plane.
However, if your skills are up to it scarfing in plywood is by far the better alternative with epoxy thickened glue.
This caused the ply to split much the same as yours seems to have done so that may answer why you have it.
Sabre saw out the rectangle and then bevel, from the outside a suitable bevel ,1 in 8 and then cut out a 'Patch piece of ply with corresponding bevels to fit from 6mm plywood.
You will probably find that you are cutting through the floor battens on the inside of the floor.

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