We are looking for pics of old motors, props, parts, boats, and just about anything else related to old motors and antique outboard racing.
Vintage Clinton J9 Outboard Boat Motor 5 HP Air Cooled Where results contain multi-variation listings, the item counts on Need Help?
Antique Vintage Johnson outboard boat motor Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency Trev's Vintage Boats and Motors. Information relating to antique outboard motors, boats, racing, collecting, and restoring We specialize in old, vintage outboards for the avid fan of these timeless Would you like a customized poster for your boat or motor?
This site contains all the specification information on the leading manufacturers outboard motor products. In this article I’ll write an overview about outboard motors including differences between diesel, two and four stroke engines. All boats require an engine for propulsion and these can either be inboard or outboard with an inboard being fitted securely within the boat without being able to move when an outboard hangs over the rear of the boat securely fixed but able to be swivelled on its mountings from side to side and tilt vertically upwards. Some of the advantages of an outboard are that being outside the boat they don’t use up space within the boat and as you probably know space can be very limited on a boat.
Two stroke engines – are now gradually found less and less as 4 strokes and diesels take over the market. Four stroke engines – These are used a lot more nowadays although once you get into a bigger size boat say a mid sized family cruiser then a diesel would be much better. Diesel – This is by far a superior engine the only drawback is they are more expensive to buy.

When buying an outboard what you want to decide on is the size by this I mean the HP or horse power as these range from 2 to 350 in most shops although more powerful motors can also be bought. Within the site are outboard motor reviews on some popular engines and manufacturers like evinrude outboard motors. Use the ads to access the shops for todays outboard motor prices and hopefully find some cheap outboard motors. Recently up for auction was a 6 horse power outboard motor in great running Info links for many major brands of antique classic fiberglass, aluminum and wooden boats 18hp Evinrude outboard boat motor for sale. Outboard motor ski boat motor or have just rescued granddad’s old fishing motor from the barn, there is no better place to find the parts you need.
I have a small but growing collection of vintage outboard motors, and a couple of old boats to run them on. Select a particular make from the right hand menu to view the full range of new engines available from brands including Yamaha Outboards, Evinrude Outboards and many more. Throughout the site you will find articles and reviews from various people including some video clips jump straight to them if you wish. The outboard must be able to move side to side as its the way the craft is steered as you don’t have a rudder with an outboard like you do with an inboard. They are generally a lot lighter with small outboard motors  easily carried back and forth to a secure place when not in use.
Some reasons for their demise are emissions as they are extremely smokey and require a two stroke oil additive to be added to the fuel.

Vintage outboards We have one of the largest selections of antique outboard motors, parts, and lacquer water slide decals for restoration to original specifications anywhere.
1-800-914-1123 001-801-571-0071 (International Calls) Complete Restoration of Vintage and Antique Outboard Motors BOAT PAGE: Click the image to get the detials. The propeller provides both the movement and the steering by changing its angle in relation to the boat. Great for servicing as you can carry them to the garage and to take an inboard out would be a major job. Taking Safety into account a diesel is the most reliable engine plus diesel fuel is much safer as wont ignite or explode like gasoline does. Although most outboards can be steered by a wheel via a pulley system some are controlled by sitting and using the engine control arm as a tiller. Packed away in the back of the garage was a My name is Tim DiGennaro, a Certified Master Mercury Outboard Mechanic, and general Antique Outboard enthusiast!

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