Description:Outcast Fish Cat Panther Pontoon BoatExcellent for flat-water fishing and a capable performer in rivers and streams, the 9-foot, quad-hulled design rides low in the water, making it an ideal fishing boat even on windy days.
FREE DOUBLE ACTION PUMP and FREE SHIPPING available on the Outcast Fish Cat Panther Pontoon Boat.Applies to Continental US Deliveries Only.
Outcast Fish Cat 9 IR Pontoon Boat - $699.00The best selling pontoon boat just got better.
Free Double Action Pump and Free Shipping available on the Outcast Fish Cat Panther Pontoon Boat.Applies To Continental US Deliveries Only.
Free Double Action Pump and Free Shipping available on the Outcast Pac 1000 Pontoon Boat.Applies To Continental US Deliveries Only. The 9' pontoons of the PAC 900 have a larger load capacity, better tracking and stability than smaller pontoon boats.

Description:Outcast Fish Cat 10 IR Stand Up Pontoon BoatOutcast's largest one-person pontoon boat is a big-water beast. The Fish Cat 10-IR Stand Up's design allows anglers to fish from a more natural standing position while on the water.
Construction, materials, valves, thermal welded seams are the same top quality as the world's best whitewater inflatables made by AIRE. The 1100 denier, 27 ounce PVC coated polyester base fabric is used in combination with urethane bladders and Summit II valves for the ultimate in performance and durability. The unique casting deck and lean bar, which deploy and stow easily, allows the angler to stand up for better casting, sight fishing or just to stretch the legs. It's a great choice for anglers heading out on bigger water where size and stability are essential.

Even with the larger tubes and huge carrying capacity, the PAC 1000 is so maneuverable you can easily propel it with fins for hands free fishing.
Featuring heavy duty PVC, urethane bladders and a simple lightweight aluminum frame the PAC series boats are the best choice for anglers who want a boat to last for years to come. The sturdy aluminum no sag, no drag cargo deck is standard along with heavy-duty oar stands and a functional anchor system. This boat is small enough to be used on lakes and ponds but large enough to be used on moderate rivers and for lightweight overnight trips.

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