Come Paddle Surf with Us, for Miles of Stunning Outer Reefs, Point Breaks and Beach Breaks! SUP and Yoga, go hand in hand, they have a natural synergy that allows for the mind - body and spirit connection to renew, cleanse and integrate in natural harmony.
If you are already here and you wish to try it, we offer group and private lessons, please contact us for availability, schedule and rates.
Triple Occupancy is accomplished with 2 Queen Beds and 1 Rollaway bed in a Sunset Ocean View Premium Room only.
You will participate in the SUP program of your choice (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) and receive a Yoga class daily. The Yoga on the Paddleboard is available at least once for the 4 - 6 night packages and at least twice for packages of 7 nights or more. The yoga on a paddleboard is only if you wish, if you prefer only yoga on land there's no problem. Depending on the actual group preferences we could have assorted class locations,but most classes are in a studio, for your comfort.
Everything that is included in our regular SUP packages is also included in your SUP and Yoga packages.
We have partnered with Coco Beauty Spa to provide you with the body work that completes a true vacation. This is a link to Coco Beauty Spa, so you can see their treatments, prices and make your choices. At Costa Rica Stand Up Paddle Adventures we believe in taking care of ourselves in all dimensions, Body, Mind and Spirit. We have energy practitioners available, for chakra awakening and tuning, Reiki, crystal, sound and color therapy; we do not include it in our packages but we want everyone to know that it is available.
Half Day Trip includes Beginner SUP Lesson covering Equipment, Safety, Kneeling and Standing up, Board control and Paddle Techniques. Stand Up Paddle Boarding or SUP for short is a unique and easily accessible sport to learn. Imagine peacefully cruising along the surface of the water while standing up, enjoying the Hebridean Scenery and spotting local wildlife. The experience itself is a cross between surfing and kayaking, it's origins coming from Hawaii. Once you have the basic skills, usually after 1 hours' tuition, we will take you on a unique Hebridean adventure to one of our great locations. Our tours are designed to give you a great all round experience, getting close to nature while experiencing the joy of Paddleboarding. All these tours are based on flat water areas, you will learn the skills of SUP'ing, from familiarity of equipment and environmental awareness to standing and paddling techniques. To sum it up, this is just a great way to see the islands, it's easy to learn and accessible, if you fall off, you just climb back on, wetsuits are provided! If you have any additional questions then please Contact Us and we will be more than happy to help. A stand up paddleboard (SUP) lesson at Costa Rica SUP Adventures starts with our experienced bilingual instructor, giving you personalized instruction and demonstrations on the beach.
We supply the Stand Up Paddleboard with a leash and a paddle, sized to your height, weight and skill level. Our lessons and tours are taught and conducted at some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica and the world! To take advantage of the better conditions for Stand Up Paddle boarding, our lessons and guided tours will start as early as possible in the morning. We offer some finer and lighter carbon paddles that rent for an additional $10 per day or $49 per week.
For the purpose of lessons, camp, tours or rentals, all of our SUP equipment is considered a rental to the customer. We understand the normal wear and tear associated with the use of our products; however, customers are responsible for our rental products and all damage to them and for any loss due to broken, buckled, lost or stolen boards. Come release stress, clear your Mind, balance your Body and nurture your Spirit with a Yoga and Stand Up Paddle Lesson.
We offer group and private lessons, please contact us for availability, schedule and rates.
Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) may be considered one of the Outer Bank's newest crazes to hit the water, but the sport itself is actually centuries old, originating in the Hawaiian and Polynesian Islands as an easy-going mode of transportation from one waterfront beach to another. On the Outer Banks, the sport has exploded in recent years, thanks to both the sport's diversity and simplicity. Easy for newcomers and water lovers of all ages, paddle boarding has clearly stormed the beaches of the Outer Banks. There is an endless supply of launching points for Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the Outer Banks. In the Northern Outer Banks, visitors can roll over to the Currituck Heritage State Park in Corolla or to the Duck Town Park or soundside harbor front for miles of access to the Currituck Sound. Even on the sound, however, paddle boarders should use caution on exceptionally breezy days when even the gentle shallow waters of the sound can be deceptively rough, with strong currents waiting just beneath the surface. Public sound accesses are also available in Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills, particularly near the Kitty Hawk Sate Reserve.
In Nags Head, water sports abound in Jockey's Ridge State Park, and SUP riders can paddle out accompanied by dozens of kite boarders, wind surfers and kayakers.
Hatteras Island has countless launching points, from the small jetties bordering the south side of the Bonner Bridge to the lightly populated marinas and canals in Hatteras Village.
Paddle boarders in particular may want to explore the "New Inlet," located just a few miles south of the Bonner Bridge.
Another good location is the Salvo Day Use Area, which lies on the southern outskirts of Salvo Village. For paddle boarding newcomers who want to try out wave riding, the beaches of Frisco and Hatteras Villages are ideal.
Ocracoke Island's beaches are incredibly similar, with the majority of the shoreline consisting of gradually sloping shoreline. Regardless of where your paddle boarding adventures take you, there are a few factors to be mindful of before hitting the water. Use caution in heavily populated water sports areas, like Jockey's Ridge or Canadian Hole, and be on the lookout for other riders, including kite boarders and windsurfers. Though virtually unheard of just a decade ago, today Paddle Boarding Equipment can be purchased at most local Outer Banks water sports shops that sell kite boards, surfboards, and most any water sports equipment. Real Kiteboarding and Kitty Hawk Kites, two of the most far-reaching water sports companies on the Outer Banks, both have equipment on hand, and even local rental companies, such as Moneysworth Rentals and Ocean Atlantic Rentals, have hopped on board the trend and offer weekly or daily equipment rentals for vacationers. Perhaps the biggest testament to the sport's growing local popularity is the Outer Banks' first shop dedicated solely to SUP, Outer Banks Stand Up Paddle in Duck.

Like all Outer Banks water sports, where there's a will, there's a way, and new riders have their pick of Stand Up Paddle Boarding lesson providers from Corolla to Ocracoke. Lessons generally last from an hour to 90 minutes, as that's basically all a newcomer needs to get the hang of the sport. Be sure and call or reserve ahead as the popularity of paddle boarding shows no signs of slowing, and try to schedule your first lessons for a less-windy, calm day, (usually any summer day will do), when the basics of standing and paddling through the water are easiest to master. Stand Up Paddle Boarding has exploded on the local Outer Banks water sports scene, and it's easy to see why. Whether you'd prefer to glide along and take in the gorgeous local scenery, get a sturdy workout while exploring the sound, or master your balance on the ocean waves, Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a sport where everyone can get on board.
Unlike a number of other popular Outer Banks sports, like kiteboarding, windsurfing, or hang gliding, paddle boarding does not require a lot of expensive or complicated equipment. A typical paddle board is between 9' and 12' feet long, with the shape and formation of a surfboard.
For a fitness-oriented paddle or just an easy ride, the Currituck, Albemarle, Pamlico and Roanoke Sounds offer miles of peaceful, easy-to-ride water.
Before you hit the water, paddling out can be a useful skill, particularly in the ocean where shore breaks may hinder a surfer from getting out to the better, offshore waves. Once you're on board and standing up, all it takes to glide through the water is to alternatively paddle from side to side in long deep strokes with the paddle about 6" to 12" in the water. The Hang Gliding Spectacular and Air Games is a true example of what hang gliding is all about, fun!
Outer Banks Standup Paddleboarding with the Kitty Hawk Kayak & Surf School will get you stoked on the SUP craze with Stand Up Paddleboarding lessons and rentals!
We offer Outer Banks Standup Paddleboarding Lessons and Tours at our ideal location with ever-glassy conditions in Kitty Hawk. Outer Banks Stand Up Paddle LocationsThe Outer Banks Stand Up Paddle (SUP) craze rages on because Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUPing) is a great way to explore the majestic waterways of the Outer Banks. Outer Banks SUP YogaOuter Banks SUP Yoga We are now offering Outer Banks SUP Yoga classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings all summer long at 7:30am.
Are You Aware Of The Health Benefits Of Stand Up Paddleboarding?Paddleboarding is fun, exciting, and it can actually improve your overall health, especially if you do it on a regular basis. Outer Banks Night SUP ToursThe New Radical Way to SUP the Outer Banks The only way to explain this Outer Banks Night SUP tour is to do it!!! Kitty Hawk Stand Up Paddle TourThe calm bays and sheltered waters of Kitty Hawk are an ideal place to learn how to stand up paddleboard for the first time. Roanoke Island Stand Up Paddle TourRoanoke Island was witness to the first English settlement in the New World and happens to be a killer SUP spot as well! Duck Stand Up Paddle TourA new and exciting SUP tour location on the boarder of Duck and Corolla on the Currituck Sound of the Northern Outer Banks. Avon Stand Up Paddle TourOn this SUP tour, we frequently spot ospreys, pelicans, herons, egrets, ibis, terns, rails, skimmers, wrens, and warbles just to name a few. Outer Banks Stand Up Paddleboard LessonsWe can teach you the basics in an hour and a half lesson. Outer Banks SUP RentalsHave a go at the Stand Up Paddle board (SUP) craze with one of our stand up paddle boards. Latest TweetsWe offer the widest variety of #standuppaddleboard #lessons on the #outerbanks. You can book through us to get your 10% discount in our Stand Up Shop located at picturesque Nogui's Restaurant in front of the ocean in downtown Tamarindo or call us for any Tours you might want to book at +506-8780-1774. We want to provide you with a great natural adventure and holistic cultural experience in addition to world class Stand Up Paddling in its different forms. The SUP boards we provide are ideal for beginners, offering a stable platform to learn from.
We will thoroughly cover Safety, proper Posture, Stance, Paddling techniques and Surf Etiquette. You will receive more instruction, demo's and coaching in the water, for up to 2 hours of fun and fitness. We do not charge for minor scratches on boards but do charge for major dings, broken fins, broken fin boxes, broken or chipped paddles and broken, buckled, lost or stolen boards and paddles.
Basically anyone can pick up a board and a paddle, find a stretch of oceanfront or soundfront water, and start slowly meandering across the gentle ripples, or ride a paddle board along fast-moving waves. Many vacationers find that a soundfront or canalfront vacation rental home can serve as the perfect launching point, as all a paddle boarder has to do is head to the backyard and get in the water. The sound waters on the Outer Banks are ideal for beginners, especially on calm days with winds of 10 mph or less.
On these super windy days, it's fine to paddle board, but it's best not to explore too far and to stick close to shore.
For easy-going rides, SUP lovers can also try out the network of soundside canals in Colington Harbor, which lies west of the main drag of Kill Devil Hills and offers a scenic series of waterfront residential communities, bordering bulk headed saltwater canals. With a nice wide soundfront beach and miles of the Albemarle Sound to explore, there's generally enough room for water riders of all kinds, but use caution when paddling around speedy kite boarders or windsurfers. This small soundside public parking area borders a now abandoned original bridge that skirts across a section of the Pamlico Sound.
This wide soundside parking area features seasonal restroom facilities and picnic areas, and is a popular destination for all Pamlico Sound-based water sports. With gradual sand bars that allow small, slow waves to break well offshore, these beaches are virtually designed for ocean-oriented SUP. There are also a number of sound access points along NC Highway 12, and nature lovers will want to make the quick mile hike through Springer's Point in Ocracoke Village, for a soundfront beach with a front row view of the passing ferry and boat traffic.
Breezy days with gusts of 20 mph or more can lead to rough rides on the sound, and rip currents can quickly pop up in the ocean, carrying even the most experienced rider and their board out to sea.
Even on the calmest days, when the sound and ocean water mixture looks quiet and still, deep currents rush through these waters up to 20' feet deep, and can be impossible to paddle through.
Use extra caution when paddling near marinas or other high boating traffic areas, where a paddle boarder might be harder to spot by the larger vessels cruising by. Here, SUP fans can purchase paddle boards in a variety of styles fit for riders of all experience levels, as well as custom made boards made right on the Outer Banks by local shaper, Tim Nolte. Sup beginners can choose from small, locally run businesses, or larger nationally-known companies, as well as individual training lessons or group SUP outings.
Unlike other popular water sports, paddle boarding can be picked up in a lesson or two, and after acquiring the basics, a boarder can experiment with maneuvering and techniques on their own. Accessible for everyone, with easy fundamentals and not much equipment, SUP is a water sport that vacationers of any skill level can quickly adapt to.
As the name suggests, all a rider really needs is a standard paddle board and a paddle in order to delve into the sport. The body is slightly wider to allow for easier rider maneuvering, and typically has between 1 and 3 fins for speed and ease of use in the water.

For more of a challenge, and more of a surfing vibe, a paddle boarder can hit the beach and try to ride the ocean waves onto shore. To paddle out, simply lay on your stomach on the board, and paddle your arms in a freestyle stroke, alternating on either side of the board.
Paddling on just one side will enable the rider to turn, and when riding waves, the rider simply get a paddling start and hang on.
This type of water sports will also test your fitness level, so you will know exactly how fit you actually are. Our instructors follow both the American Canoe and Kayak Association (ACA) and the National Surf School and Instructor Association SUP instruction protocols. Certified by both the American Canoe & Kayak Association as well as the National Surf School & Instructor Association you will not find more qualified and professional staff to help you catch waves in no time! Having this stand up platform gives the person a great view of the water and surrounding scenery from a standing position, it almost feels like you are walking on water! For the more adventurous, we have the pleasure of offering Yoga lessons while on your Paddle Board. For vacationers with off-the-water accommodations, there are plenty of public launching points as well. Originally acting as the main inlet between Hatteras and Bodie Islands, the "New Inlet" closed up after Oregon Inlet was cut through during a 1922 storm, and today simply serves as an unpopulated and scenic sound access point. Further south, water sports lovers of all kinds also congregate at world renowned Canadian Hole, another soundside beach and parking area that lies directly in between Avon and Buxton Villages. The shallow, gradual slope ensures that walking out into the ocean is a breeze - no paddling required - and the small and consistently gentle waves provide long fun rides, without the risk of getting wiped out. For rip currents, look for unusual patterns in the ocean waves, with the illusion of some water or waves being "pushed out" from the beach.
Best of all, all age levels can quickly adapt to the easy basics of paddle boarding, making a family lesson an ideal group vacation activity. In addition to the ease of the sport, the Outer Banks is an expansive waterfront playground for paddle boarders, with challenging ocean waves and gently flowing sound waters, allowing riders to adapt their SUP adventure to their own unique style. The "paddle" resembles a long kayak paddle, allowing the rider to dip it into the water from a standing position.
There are literally miles of sound, ocean, and saltwater canals to explore, and as a result, a paddle boarder can easily decide the "style" of SUP they want to enjoy. Regardless of what your ideal SUP experience looks like, the Outer Banks has plenty of water for cruising.
Experienced paddle boarders will "duck dive" under waves that are about to crash, or basically tip the paddle front-first into the water to avoid being crushed by the white wash.
In essence, the motions are similar to kayaking, but with the rider upright instead of sitting down, giving a paddle boarder a phenomenal, low-stress workout for the arms and the body.
Because you have chosen us for your SUP Adventures, we want you to save money in any nice sports related services and activities we can help you with. Bordering the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, the New Inlet location gives paddle boarders a gentle ride as well as some spectacular bird watching. For more of a challenge, hop across NC Highway 12 to the oceanside, where the ocean waves can provide a tricky ride to even the most skilled SUP riders. Also, keep a keen eye on the weather for any rip current threats or high wind advisories in the area. For newcomers, bear in mind that soundfront launching points, particularly in areas where the sound waters are shallow, require no paddling at all - just a simple hop on the board. We have been teaching people to SUP in the Outer Banks since 2007, longer than any other company on the Outer Banks. No bandwagoners or Johny Come Latelys here, just core, quality SUP instruction year in and year out in the best locations to learn all over the Outer Banks. We are certified by the American Canoe and Kayak Association and the National Surf School & Instructor Association for SUP. Herman was great with instructions on where to go, and how to time ourselves with landmarks. We take your safety and our teaching seriously, and we think it shows in our level of instruction.
I've had knee surgery so I can't bend easily, but with his help I managed to get into the boat. The waterway that is conveniently located onsite, was full of bird life and we also saw a muskrat.
I highly recommend Kitty Hawk Kayaks and Surf - remember it is the first one over the main bridge into Kitty Hawk! The best water trails!Sawwhetowls2Great family fun and a break from the beach We took our four kids on a two hour kayak trip. The only thing I would do different is start with one hour and add if we wanted too.kdhainesGreat Experience This is one of the great places to visit in the area for a excellent profession wilderness experience.
Even if you never paddled before you can have a great experience on the canal in Kitty Hawk Woods Preserve.
Andrew and Kelsey were our guides, There were about 15 in our group including a mom and dad with two young children.
At the start you pass by some waterfront homes, but before long you have the maritime forest on both sides of the stream. In a short time, we naturally split into a group of better paddlers at the lead and the less experienced on toward to rear. Although the groups were never that far a part, we did have the feel of paddling at a nice relaxing pace rather than being held up by the slower paddlers. We learned about the origins of the Kitty Hawk Woodlands Preserve and their importance in maintaining the stability of the Outer Banks. Since we had our own boats, we were interested in knowing where we could get public access to the maritime woods. The guides volunteered location of the closet public boat ramp to the canal and even made suggestions on possible trips from there. Even if you have your own kayak, I'd recommend doing a tag along to lean more about the area you are exploring. Perfect trip for our range of ages from 12 to 50+ -- good upper body exercise but not too strenuous.
Tyler was our tour guide, he was a Pitt Graduate and we are from the Pittsburgh area with my niece attending Pitt right now.

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