We can’t think of a more relaxing way to spend the day than a gentle paddle in the Old Mill or on the Cascade Lakes in a boat that has changed so little throughout the centuries. You can pick your boat up just downstream from the Old Mill District and launch right from our back lawn onto the Deschutes River.
PROTECT OUR WATERWAYSPlease help us in supporting these local non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting and enhancing Central Oregon’s waterways. Bring your own boat or rent a wide variety of water craft at the lake including ski boats, pontoon boats and house boats. Our cabins are fully furnished, offering everything from luxury bedding to wireless high speed internet.

On this hot July day, we find a gathering of visitors at the paddle boat and canoe rental area. Our Broken Bow cabins are fully furnished, offering everything from luxury bedding to wireless high speed internet. From banjos to vintage trailers to… canoes, we find our selves seeking out life’s simpler pleasures. For those looking for a more ambitious journey, we can help you secure your boat onto your truck or car if you have a roof rack and crossbars.
If you need help or this sounds too complicated, make your life easier and just come with us.

Our Broken Bow cabins are just minutes from Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake, Oklahoma.
Broken Bow Lake is incredibly clear and cool because its 180 miles of shore is lined with the forest covered Kiamichi Mountains , not commercial development. Snorkeling and scuba diving is also very popular because of the clear water of Broken Bow Lake and scuba rental and support is available.

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