The Remix XP is an extension of our popular river runner series and although its roots are firmly planted in whitewater the XP's extended waterline allows it to cruise the flats with ease. Now we had to fix that nagging veer, by adding a spring loaded skeg (don't worry the spring is made from stainless steel) to the stern that annoying veer was immediately gone for good and paddling across vast sections of flatwater became a no brainer. Summary: If you're looking for an all around go anywhere kayak that is comfortable, safe and easy to paddle look no further than the Remix XP. I guess when it comes to the top segment in yacht building all mentioned yards are very competitive and equally skilled although somewhat different specialized. Originally Posted by schakel I guess when it comes to the top segment in yacht building all mentioned yards are very competitive and equally skilled although somewhat different specialized.
They remind me of the time I was cruising the South Pacific in my first boat , in my early 20's . Almost all the boats I see cruising remote ares of the world are small modest boats , often built in someone's backyard on a shoestring budget, by capable and resourceful people, with far less insecure reasons to cruise. I'd hate to see anyone of low income conned into believing that this is the wealth they need before being allowed to go cruising.
Location: Iroquois, Ontario Spotted this one in our marina year before last. Guest62110524 Previous Member   some nice detail, thought with right awning biminis etc would suit au east coast, but at 450000 euros?

When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
The XP has an integral skeg which when deployed offers superb tracking but with the skeg tucked away the XP offers the agility needed to excel on whitewater.
This first challenge was to make it whitewater friendly for everyone taking special notice to beginners looking at venturing out for the first time and for intermediate and expert paddlers desiring to camp out of their kayak.
We spared no expense in designing this true 'Crossover' kayak so that you can have the time of your life.
This is the time of year when the waters are plentiful with many fish species, great for canoes, kayaks, paddle boats or small boats, even a dip in the refreshing cedar water on their beach areas.
By adding additional width to the hull we achieved the stability we wanted even when loaded to the gills with camping gear. The boat was a work of art, most of the interior made of teak that he found in dumpsters and maple burls that he found in the bush.Now that's impressive! When I looked at the boats cruising on a big budget,with all the toys , I couldn't help notice that the owners were three times my age. They spend most of their lives in marinas, going only for the rare day sail, fulfilling their purpose of impressing the naive, which can only be done in areas where there are huge numbers of naive and gullible to impress. Sell it quick , take out enough money to cruise till pension time and give the rest to women's shelters, food banks and homeless shelters, buying in the process a bit of security.

The next challenge was speed and tracking for the folks that would use it primarily on lakes and calm rivers and as we all know whitewater boats just don't want to go straight on flatwater and will tend to veer right or left. It was clear to me that if I insisted on all that extravagence , I would be their age before I got out cruising. Keeping them shiney is a full time job , both for the workers and the owners who have to organise it all. It holds an annual Water Carnival that is great for vendors, family fun, friends, and ends with a spectacular fireworks display. Speed was achieved by extending the length and waterline of the XP and by dropping the rocker profile slightly which allows it to really cut through the flats.
Stuffing gear and dry bags behind the seat is a pain then tugging and pulling everything out at night can be another nightmare but the XP eliminates the pushing and tugging of gear by offering a dry storage compartment that is easily accessed through its large 'backcess' hatch. They are invariably far more stressed out and having no more fun than the freer ones in reasonable boats, who's lives are not lived in slavery to their egos..
If you wait until you are rich enough to afford such luxury , you will be so old that you will need all the ***** extension you can get.

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