In the family since Dominic Barone started D&R Boat Dealers in New Jersey in 1956, the dealership has thrived as a place for boating enthusiasts to buy and service their boats. Since Dominic Barone first set up D&R Boat World in 1956, we have rightfully earned a reputation for selling quality products and offering top-notch service to boat owners, hobbyists, and professionals. Our trained and experienced technicians and customer services representatives are happy to assist you in any way they can. Our inventory of used boats in New Jersey includes practically new, barely used craft as well as older boats from brands such as Crownline, Rinker, Wellcraft, Chaparral, Baja, and more.
Prices are typically displayed along with the features and other specs, or you could call to find out more.

To learn more about our services, the boats, and boat parts, call us at 732-968-2600 EXT 607 or fax us at 732-968-2040.
It is our dedication to our customers and attention to detail that has made us the award-winning, family-owned business that people know and trust for boat repairs in New Jersey that we are today.
We started out as a family enterprise and are proud of the personal touch we are able to offer our customers to this day.
We are passionate about helping you find the solutions you're looking for and our long and wide ranging experience ensures that you find the solutions that will work given your specific set of circumstances.
Click on the link to the boat you want to know more about, to view general info, photos, and specifications.

Visit us for buying new and used boats in New Jersey, repairs and services as well as the purchase of any boat parts you may need.
Since 1956, the dealership has thrived as a place for boating enthusiasts to buy and service their boats. WestcoatKammerman's Marina, 447 Carson Ave, Atlantic City, NJ, 08401, 609-348-8418Atlantic City Fishing Center, 455 N.

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