Pontoon Boat Rentals in Destin are the best, most intimate way to explore our local waters! There is no better way to explore our beautiful Destin waters than to rent a boat for a day!
Our Destin pontoon boat rentals are offered at different lengths to accommodate for your party size with varying engine sizes. Please call us at 850-428-3313 (anytime between sunrise and sunset) for pricing information, specials, and discounts.
We offer Parasailing in Destin, Jet Ski, Pontoon & Fishing Boat Rentals, Wildlife & Dolphin cruises. Visit our different Dockside social media channels for the latest information and discount codes.
This rental boat has ample space, certified up to 10 people, is equipped with parties and families in mind. The upper deck features a solarium lounge, the slide includes a sea water pump so the ramp is always wet.

Regardless of whether or not you’re into sports, IU basketball games are a lot of fun. All boats are equipped with a bimini top that can be opened for shade, an anchor, all USCG certified life jackets, room for coolers, and the cleanest seating! His work was extremely controversial at the time, but it led to a sexual revolution and allows us to participate in the debaucherous acts we do today.
It’s one of those cutesy, touristy, old-timey towns where you can spend an afternoon walking around, eating, shopping, and looking at things.
You can rent a pontoon boat for a big group, bring your coolers, and pretend you’re chilling with T Pain and the Lonely Island. The adventures are never ending when you are your own captain- your family can park on a beach and snorkel, anchor at Crab Island to swim and relax all day, cruise around the bay while Dolphin watching, take it out during our one-of-a-kind sunset or cap your Thursday night off by being right underneath the T-6 Destin Warbirds airshow followed by Fireworks (call for more information)!
The Kinsey Institute has a public gallery full of erotic art and artifacts relating to sexuality. There’s a guy here who carves bears out of wood, and you can watch him work in his shop!

Seriously, the Wells is great for studying or for group meetings, but if you actually want things to read for fun then you need to go to the MCPL (on Kirkwood). If fishing is more of what you are looking for, check out our Destin fishing boat rentals page. The Kinsey Institute also has one of the world’s largest porn collections, although sadly you need special research permission to access the archives.
You can get a library card for free if you bring in an ID and a piece of mail that was sent to your Bloomington address.

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