Go offshore blue water, near shore, river, day or weekend cruising, and you'll find relaxation at a slow and steady pace.
Internal combustion engine mounted at the transom that incorporates motor, driveshaft and propeller.
An internal combustion engine often mounted amidships that runs a drive shaft through the hull bottom. Propulsion system composed of an inboard engine connected to a steerable drive unit extending through a cut-out in the transom.
Ultra Marine Performance is your local source for boat sales, boat maintenance, boat storage, boat accessories, boat services, and boat repair.

Company owner, Jay Meyer, installed a pair of hydraulic trim tabs to my 22 ft Bayliner Trophy boat.
High-horsepower engines — often two or three throaty stern-drive or sometimes outboard power plants — combine with long, sleek V or catamaran hulls to speed these boats across inland lakes and through ocean swells.In some performance boats, driver and passengers are seated in a relatively small cockpit behind a long foredeck. We provide an exclusive 45 point inspection, so you can spend more time on the water and less time in the shop. Jay is a Volvo Penta, Mercury, Mercruiser, Yamaha, Honda and Marine Power factory trained specialist whose advanced knowledge and attention to detail is unsurpassed. 2000 Baja 232 Performance.Custom windscreen, Bolster seats, trim tabs, stainless steel prop.

Jay has, over the past four years, assisted me in restoration of two boats and numerous repairs to several other boats. Sometimes these boats race, sometimes they cruise, and sometimes they take part in ‘poker runs,’ where a series of destinations are visited between blasts of high-speed, high-powered boating fun.High-performance boats are often almost as much about luxury and comfort as speed. Many have deluxe upholstery, enlarged head facilities, sleeping accommodations and even air conditioning.

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