My son wanted a pirate theme for his 5th birthday and so I went searching for info about pirate ship cakes on the Internet.
To make the pirate adventure more authentic and escape the cold February weather the party was held at a local indoor pool. We made this cake using multiple 9 inch round pans and stacking them at varying heights to make the ship. My workmate wanted a pirate cake for her baby boy's 1st birthday, and as she knew I love doing cakes she asked me to do it for her. I found many ideas and put a bunch of them together, mostly an idea from a Disney Family website that had easy instructions, and created my cake. After cutting out the shape of the ship you will need to crumb coat it and return it to the freezer.
For the lookout, I used a rubber cupcake holder and attached a pirate, telescope and pirate flag.
Then for the stern, I baked 4 loaf cakes and stacked them, putting plastic dowels in every 2 layers to hold the weight.

I usually make a cream cheese butter cream icing for all my cakes but for this one, I used Wilton’s chocolate butter cream icing. I cut the end of and then cut it into a few smaller pieces and stacked it on top (secured with a skewer) to create a sort of balustrade. After decorating the cake with icing I used a pop cycle stick to draw on the shape of the boards.
After I got everything stacked up, I froze the cake and carved it into the shape of the ship.
I always cover my cakes and layers in Betty Crocker vanilla frosting when I use fondant, (first let it mostly dry to form a crust then cover with fondant) it tastes heaps better.
As you can see by the picture there are candy malt balls on top as cannon balls an root beer barrel candies as barrels on the top. We used our own pirate toys to put on top and then we made sails from bamboo skewers and white paper. If you really want to save time you can use a couple of pound cakes from the freezer section of your grocery store.

To make the sails I purchased balloon sticks and cut them to size, and the sails were actually a pirate bag purchased from big w cut up that we had at home already, finished with pirate skull cupcake picks. The customer was concerned that it may not feed everyone at the party, so I added a "rock cake" on the side, made in one half of the Wilton ball pan. I handmade the cannon and cannon balls, the anchor and the lettering from fondant, and added a plastic shark and candle for effect. I then coated the foil in vanilla icing and then covered that in piping gel tinted with sky blue coloring.

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