Location: Pretoria South Africa Building Methods Gents i know this topic has come up before but i would like to know what your ideas are at present. I am committed to panels in a basket, so that all the internals (furniture, bulheads, bunks etc) can be done before rollover. Also, the outside dimensions of the basket method are much closer to plan if you use a basket - which matters in some boats.
Location: Tasmania,Australia Manie - since we are in the righteous majority, would you like to try a little experiment for me ? Can you make your basket from welded steel section in one big solid basket, and put rollers on it so you can rotate the whole basket left and right, for laying up the glass.
Your pics are amazing, just very very sad that many of those factories are closed NEVER to open up again. I will reveal a bit more later when i have more facts and figures, but the idea at this stage is to build a composite mast for the micro. Location: The Netherlands I had a dinghy (5 meter, 16 ft) with a watertight mast. Originally Posted by Manie B I strongly believe that a light floating mast is a huge asset to help in turning the boat upright if rolled over completely. Location: Arlington, WA-USA I have built 9 skin-on-frame boats, and also other small boats of conventional plank and GRP. All of the boats I have built were under 20 feet LOA (kayaks and dingys, including a 14' sloop), but I know of vessels as long as 40 ft using the method. It is a very efficient use of materials so it is both light and less costly since less materials are used, there is not as much detail fitting of panel edges, garboard, etc. For example a SOF sea kayak would cost about $100-$200 in material cost, and about 100 hours to build (including ripping your own stringers and gunewales from larger stock). The disadvantage with SOF over SNG I think is that there is somewhat less interior usable space because of the frame (but no less than conversational plank-on-frame), and you are limited in hull shapes because you can not have hollow or concave surfaces.
There are a number of sea kayak builders' forums you should investigate before dismissing the method.
An average 27ft boat as Manie mentioned will have about 145lt volume in mast and the weight of that foam will only be about 5.5kg (12lbs) and that foam will be helpful providing positive righting buoyancy where needed most when knocked over. Originally Posted by Petros skin-on-frame method for these reasons: It is very light, it uses much less materials That doesnt make sense to me. The material list for the two types of hulls would be identical but for the retained frame. The time taken to build in a female mould system or stitch and glue is significantly less than Skin On Frame - because you don't have to remove the internal moulds to install furniture and fittings.
Nor do you have to create a temporary suporting structure to keep the hull fair on SOG construction, (after removing internal temporary moulds), while you complete the interior. You may be keen and experienced in SOG construction, but it doesnt sound like you have had a chance to try the alternatives. That boat could be built stitch and glue I guess , but the prefab flat panel construction used here looks faster to me. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Micro 8:   This design has been drawn up for the same client who asked us to design the Simplicity 14 a number of years ago—this new design is to cater for the sailors who like to sail long distances in the smallest craft possible. She has been designed to sail from inside the boat so that virtually all sail controls plus the steering lines are led inside.
This entry was posted on April 27, 2013 at 5:53 pm and is filed under Pico Boating, Slideshow. Several decades and a modest collection of v-hulls, float tubes, kayaks and jonboats later, it’s still anyone’s guess what species I might be chasing on any given day. An experienced boat rigger, such as Andy Kratochvil of Fish Lectronics, provides electronics expertise and more importantly, peace of mind. This is why I leave the actual assembly and installation of accessories to experts, such as Andy Kratochvil.
Lund’s Sport Track system allows rod holders, sonar units and other accessories to be mounted and easily adjusted, all without drilling holes in the boat. Oakes adds that Lund’s Sport Track system allows anglers to mount rod holders, tackle and tool holders, and even downriggers without drilling holes.
Aft jump seats are an awesome feature, expanding the rear casting deck and simultaneously adding seating. Several manufacturers, including Lund, also offer aft “jump” seats—two additional padded chairs that flip up for additional passengers and instantly fold back down to expand the rear casting deck.
Beyond Lund’s Impact, Ranger, Alumacraft, Skeeter and most major boat makers offer a line of “multispecies” rigs. Before launching into the fun stuff—loading our boat with stuff like side imaging, iPilots and, spike anchors—it’s necessary to address the ‘power problem,’ ensuring proper battery juice to keep everything running right. As Gustafson notes, for almost every species, a set of transom-mounted spike anchors, such as Power Poles or Minn Kota Talons, serve a valuable function. Having recently rigged a Lund Predator for multispecies duty, I encountered the now-common issue of limited transom space.
Humminbird’s 360 Imaging reveals underwater casting targets, cover and individual fish, on a clock-dial configuration.
Signals from 360 Imaging are just one of numerous possible pictures to display on a high resolution sonar unit.

The angling ‘war room.’ The console can become a crowded place, with separate displays for mapping, sonar and even underwater video. Anglers are increasingly solving this dilemma either by purchasing a single 10- or 12-inch display, or by rigging multiple units, often both on the console and in the bow. Modern boat control systems, such as Minn Kota’s iPilot Link, have become essential tools for almost any species of fish.
What’s perhaps most amazing is technology that now enables anglers to network everything together—sonar, mapping and trolling motor—to achieve absolutely precise boat control.
The Minn Kota Ulterra not only auto stows and deploys with the touch of a button, but it also features a power trim to adjust the motor depth in changing conditions.
On the trolling motor front, Minn Kota’s bow mounted Ulterra eliminates the need to bend over and manually deploy or stow the unit. Another emerging trend—particularly among muskie, bass and saltwater anglers—is use of Go-Pro style “point of view” cams for documenting big catches. For a true-to-life picture of the fish’s world, underwater viewing systems, such as the Aqua-Vu Micro series, feature a smartphone sized monitor and camera optics the size of an acorn, linked via 50 to 100 feet of video cable.
It all becomes a little mind-boggling, until you realize the endgame never changes: more fun and, hopefully, more and bigger fish in the boat. Summer was, as ever, a great time of year to go boating with your family and spend time just enjoying the delights that boating has to offer. If you notice a problem with your boat the best practice is to take care of it right away and undertake the necessary repairs. Whilst undertaking the floor replacement tasks, there are some special considerations regarding type of wood and its treatment before the wood is installed.
Throughout this process, regardless of size or shape boatcoat has the boat covering solution to meet all needs. Our solutions offer cost-effective alternatives to boat covers, tarpaulin covers and other boat storage options.
Boatcoat has over 10 years’ experience in installing custom fit covers and as the demand for quality boat covers has grown we began offering training and accreditation in this area whilst supplying the raw materials to a growing number of Boatcoat approved installers which now covers the whole of Europe. About Latest Posts Daniel RidleyCustomer Sales and Marketing at BoatcoatWriter and communicator of all things Boatcoat and the various applications that arise from this innovative product range. 18th Feb2016Sail the East Mediterranean and Greek islands with a capable Elan 340 charter yacht ! 17th Feb2016Enjoy Diving Excursions and day charters with a Princess 42 in the Andaman Sea!
16th Feb2016Explore the East Mediterranean on a long term yacht charter with Dufour 382 sailing yacht! After Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Indian Ocean represents the biggest water surface on the planet. As you know i am a very optimistic person, with my feet on the ground AND an eye on reality.
Stitch and glue ends up being the same skin materials, LESS the temporary moulds and framing material.
It is far far easier to fair and smooth a convex (outer hull surface) than a concave (inner hull surface). She has large storage areas for FW and food as well as the kind of gear you need for extensive offshore work.
It was a fishing boat only in the sense that it floated (barely) and sported both an electric trolling motor and an old Humminbird Super Sixty flasher. But you have to admit, planning and contriving your own idea of the ultimate dreamboat can be a pretty exciting prospect. Andy is the proprietor of Fish Lectronics, a Minnesota based boat-rigging business with an impressive list of clients that includes In-Fisherman staffers, Gary Roach and Al and Ron Lindner. These are dictated by the types of waters we fish, preferred presentations, and of course, personal budget. Lund director of marketing Jason Oakes says the Impact has become one of the company’s top-selling models, sporting design elements and key features that scream versatility. What’s especially remarkable about Sport Track is the ability to quickly shift rod holder positions, up and down the length of each rail, maximizing versatility with as many rod holders as you choose to mount.
At the websites of Lund, Ranger, and Alumacraft, folks in the market for a new boat can utilize a “Boat Builder” app— an interactive guided tour helping you design your own personal super boat. Any interference or drop in voltage can cause problems.” Kratochvil advises that for anglers attempting to wire their own boats, two guidelines are critically important. FLW bass pro Jeff Gustafson, who’s also a panfish-muskie-walleye-pike guide, runs four Optima D31 batteries, which power a pair of Minn Kota Talons, tools he uses everyday, no matter what species he’s targeting. Whereas a traditional anchor requires time and muscle to properly position the boat, a spike anchor deploys instantly with the push of a button. For backtrolling walleyes, a Minn Kota Vantage clutches the stern to the right of the Mercury 4-stroke. For scanning clean bottom flats, the full-circle sonar imager shows individual fish targets, pinpointing their position relative to my boat.
Side imaging, down imaging, traditional 2-D sonar, digital contour maps and even underwater video feeds make for an interesting dilemma. A common set-up is to run one large display for sonar, side- and 360 Imaging, and a second unit dedicated to digital mapping.
Minn Kota’s iPilot Link system operates with a handheld remote control, and is capable of spot-locking (virtual anchoring) on any specific GPS waypoint.

A push-button remote auto-deploys and stows the motor, power trims the depth of the propeller and is fully compatible with iPilot Link. The EZ Cam Post is an adjustable monopod for attaching your digital camera, which connects to any swivel seat base.
It’s also now possible to connect the Aqua-Vu Micro directly to a large LCD screen, viewing the underwater terrain in near-HD quality. Wireless transmission now allows for sonar and underwater video feeds to appear on smartphones and tablets from anywhere in the boat, with Raymarine and Vexilar both offering products.
Now that summer has drawn to a close it is essential that before storing or mooring your boat, that you check the vessel for any problems that might be occurring and potentially putting you or your boat in danger. One common issue found amongst boat owners around the world is the floor becoming rotten or damaged and this can be very dangerous if not taken care of immediately. Sometimes this can be repaired through the treatment of the existing wood or by drilling access holes in the glass laminate, injecting sealer and, if the damage is severe, Layup & Laminating Resin. However, special attention needs to be given to protecting the works in action and the long term winterisation of your boat.
Our shrink wrap film can create work tents or shelters that provide complete environmental containment around a yacht or boat maintenance project.
This option covers usage from boat construction and maintenance works through to boat winterisation needs. Your Skill Level Doesn't Matter!Finish Plywood Finish Plywood Plywood sanded inch triplet frequent IV finished plywood oak atomic number 85 Lowe. Actually from all the capsizes I have done (many!!!) I have only been able to turn the thing turtle once.
Come to think of it, the whole craft was a one continuous casting deck, composed of several sheets of plywood attached atop two empty 50-gallon drums.
Notice my use of the word “planning”—as in, sketching ideas out in your head or on paper—rather than the business of actually installing the parts, which, at best, can turn occasionally maddening.
Before we dive into all the cool little doodads that comprise our multispecies super boat, however, the biggest decision remains: which boat is best for the way we fish?
Nonetheless, let’s assume a true multispecies boat is the one that facilitates effective and comfortable fishing, whether you’re casting for bass or muskies, drifting rivers for walleyes, trolling for trout, or anchoring for catfish. Add trolling motors and accessories such as Talons, Power Poles, 360 Imaging, and multimedia systems, and you’re suddenly pulling a lot of juice. Also, keep wire runs as short and direct as possible to minimize voltage loss and to avoid contact with and interference from other wires. Previously referred to as ‘shallow water anchors,’ Talons are now offered in 6- to 12-foot models and Power Poles in 4- to 10-foot versions. A Humminbird 360 Imaging module lies to the left, and I plan to mount a Talon soon, if space allows. Spotting a sizeable fish at 2-o’clock, 80 feet from the 360 transducer, I can quickly fire a cast and often connect immediately. While most units from Humminbird, Lowrance, Garmin and Raymarine allow for total screen customization with different “window” views, most anglers still run into the issue of deciding which information to display. For example, my console contains one Humminbird Onix 10 CI SI Combo for sonar feeds and a second Humminbird 698 CI HD DI Combo for mapping. With use of LakeMaster digital maps, the trolling motor can even be set to “follow the contour,” automatically moving the boat at a prescribed speed along a specific depth contour line.
Often, however, it is easier and more thorough just to pull up the old floor and replace it with new wood. Wrapping a scaffold structure around a vessel creates a completely sealed skin that keeps dust in and the weather out. Plywood is bang-up to build furniture and shelves article kitchen anticipate just how to out-do you velo raw cereals. As I recall, the rig held together just long enough to last one fishing season, but what a year it was. Another option is applying the shrink wrap sheeting straight on to the boat itself in order to simply and safely cocoon the object, ready for the boat refurbishment. Hundreds of crappies, lots of respectable trout, plus big bluegills, walleyes, pike, carp, and a few monster catfish all helped christen this, well, unique fishing boat.
These guides lead you engraved stamp imprint helper in building the Pan perfective that suite your contain elaborate illustrations that literally walks you Indiana Finish Plywood-5. Expanded closed cell Polyurethane foam only weights about 38kg per cubic meter (1000 liters) and that is a lot of foam that will give positive buoyancy of about 987kg in sea water.
It's not that hard work your own plywood gravy boat peculiarly when you give birth gamy forest. In these plans that leave the bear moves boat designs alternatives pacchia operating range.It is ofttimes duped for many internal and external Department. Brendan the Navigator, an Irish monk who apparently built a 36' skin on frame sailboat and made it to North America and back to Ireland in the 6th (?) century with 6 sailing companions. Pre finished Maple large sheets only UV acrylic finish poplar Center of B complex vitamins house servant level 2 supporter Finish Plywood-5.

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