As the design progressed, we quickly realized that the 14’ Panga would also be perfect for plywood construction as well.  With hull and structure created from developable surfaces, which means they can be cut from sheet materials, most of the major components are to be cut with computer controlled router or laser cutter. The 14′ Panga will be offered as plans with additional full size templates or a cut file package of all hull panels and structure.

Aluminum has been ordered and time on the laser cutting machine has been scheduled, so check back to the construction blog for pictures of the progress.
SpecificationsLOA- 14’ LWL- 12’ 11” BOA- 4’ 10” Hull Draft- 6” Displacement (w Crew)- 800 lbs Recommended HP- 8 - 20 hp (max) Max Occupant Capacity – 3 Adults or Max Capacity – 540 lbs.

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