Wooden Boat Plans for Amateur Boatbuilders – Excellent Performance, Simple Construction, Step by Step Instructions Australia, USA, UK, Hungary, S.
The original BETH was launched about 15 years ago and the BETH Mk2 sailing canoe in the plans is about 12 years young.
BETH has similar performance around an Olympic course to an average club level Laser but is heaps easier to handle on shore because she is about half the weight and NARROW. She is really designed for one person but can carry up to around 300lbs OK, though it does knock her performance down if these types of weight are carried.
While Beth is not recommended for beginner sailors a few more experienced types have built this most gorgeous of all box boats.
Over the years we have been slowly and carefully developing the balance lug rigs we use.on the OzRacers, the BETH sailing canoe and the Goat Island Skiff. For a long time we have offered the best page on the net to assist setup of small boat lugsails.

John Goodman and I sailed the immaculate Goat Island Skiff he built from my plan in the Texas 200. The boat showed itself to be one of the faster in the fleet despite loading up such a short boat with food, water and camping gear for six days with little outside support. We played with sailing the boat by the lee – a method used by racing boats to gain both speed and control.
I document the method here including a video showing how the angle of heel can be controlled using the mainsheet. Robert Hoffman has been busy using his BETH sailing canoe that he built over a cold Polish winter. There has been a fantastic discussion about some of the racing possibilities of balance lug rigs on my forum I have learned a huge amount from sailing my BETH sailing canoe and the Goat Island Skiffs over the years, but recently ran into Brian who uses a lug rig for racing traditional British boats. One of the new launchings of the Goat Island Skiff had a problem with a slippery floor… Here is my favourite suggestion.

Hi everyone After reading this forum for a couple of days, I realised I needed to register, fast.
One way is to adapt another type of trailer – like a conventional box trailer at least for smaller boats. One of the biggest woodwork sites in the universe has decided that it is OK for the Storer Boat Plans FORUM to be on their site.

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