Colorado Pontoon Boat: Features durable, lightweight pontoons with abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms and tough nylon tops.
Ultimately, its the Colorado's laundry list of features that separate it from other inflatable boats. It was fairly easy to assemble, but when I was installing the trolling motor mount frame to the main frame, the holes for the pins did not line up properly and I could not put the pins in to secure the battery basket and motor mount frame. I called Classic Accessories and they promptly sent me a replacement motor mount frame, free of charge!
Once I got in the water, I rowed for the first few hours and the little plastic things that hold the oar lock began to come off.
I was out on the water for several hours and one of my pontoons began getting very soft and water began swamping over it. I put a swivel mount on my chair and it's probably the best thing I did for that boat. With the added benefit of being highly capable fishing boat, the Royale Fishing comes with a ton of features to help you reel in the big one. Includes a transport wheel to make launching easier - also features 2 detachable fly patches, gear bags, and a removable basket.
These Classic Pontoon Boats include a wire rear storage and battery platform, anchor system, and 2 position motor mount to give you the option to add some extra horsepower to your pontoon.

My first time taking the Colorado XT out, I had to have it partially disassembled as I do not have a truck. I have a trolling motor, battery, fish finder and there is no way I would be able to use that wheel with all that loaded.
Then Misty Harbora€™s Explorer Fishing Pontoon Boat 2008 is just the craft your wallet has been craving.
Anglers will appreciate this Misty Harbor pontoon boata€™s aerated livewell in the stern, dual pedestal fishing chairs in the bow and stern, fish locator, a rod rack and rod locker as well as a trolling motor outlet. Whether you're an avid fisherman or a casual camper, the Colorado has what it takes to get you down stream safely and comfortably.
For fishermen, the Colorado features a rod holder with 6 mounting positions and a detachable foam fly patch. In addition to all the features on the original Colorado Pontoon Boat, the XT also has a transport wheel and a front boat retention cord to make hitting the water easier. Ordering was easy, the product arrived in a very timely manner, will recommend Auto Accessories Garage to friends. I use the stripping basket as a place to put a bag of chips, bottle of water, smokes, anything I need without having to dig through the storage packets.
Sharing many of the same features of its Explorer counterparts, this Misty Harbor pontoon boat adds an emphasis on fishing.

When the fish arena€™t biting, relax with plenty of comfortable seating and therea€™s also a rear boarding ladder for when you want to take a dip.
It also has additional gear bags and a removable stripping basket so you can customized your storage capabilities. Two fishing positions in the bow and stern make the Explorer Fishing very convenient to fish.
Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon boats are backed by a 2-Year Warranty and designed for Class I rivers. If your guests arena€™t in the angling mood, they can relax on the comfortable rear a€™La€™ group lounge. Other features include four pedestal fishing seats, an aerated livewell, Bimini top, round cocktail table and diamond-cut carpet.

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